‘O’Fallon State of Mind’ Video Was Labor of Love for Zumwalt North Senior

D.J. Rockette
D.J. Rockette created the "O'Fallon State of Mind" video to show his love for his home town.

An O’Fallon teen has put his affection for his home town to music in a YouTube video called “The O’Fallon State of Mind” that is quickly spreading on social media.

D.J. Rockette, a senior at Fort Zumwalt North High School, told 70 West Sentinel that he created the video “just for fun,” to express his feelings about his home town of O’Fallon.

Rockette’s family moved to O’Fallon from Okinawa, Japan when he was in third grade. “Coming from Japan, you’re going to have high expectations,” he said. But, he said,  O’Fallon has lived up to those expectations.

“The people here are so friendly, always willing to help. I love it here,” he said.

Rockette is very active at North High, where he’s involved with theater, the concert and show choirs, and the Equality and Alliance Club. He’s also an A+ tutor and a mentor in the Positive Peer Influence program.

Rockette released his “O’Fallon State of Mind” video this past Sunday. As of Wednesday, the video already had more than 10,000 views.

In the video, he lists the things he loves about his hometown, the “magical city” of O’Fallon. “We don’t have beaches or kangaroos or palm trees,” he says, but O’Fallon does have the “nicest people you’d ever meet.”

The video features many familiar references, such as “feeling like a Nascar driver on Highway P,” as well as local attractions like the Rascals, the city’s water park, Alligator’s Creek, and O’Fallon businesses such as the Croc Shop, Snow Biz, and Wing Stop.

Rockette even makes the midwest’s sometimes bizarre weather patterns–”snow and extreme heat in one day”–sound quirky and appealing.

Assisting Rockette on the video is another Zumwalt North student, vocalist Kelsey Bean. In the chorus, she extolls the city’s reputation as a one of the safest cities in the United States, “the perfect place to start a family.” Another friend, Iszak Moore, handled the technical side of the video, and many more friends and O’Fallon residents appear on the video, dancing and smiling.

Mayor Bill Hennessy appears in a cameo at the end of the video, and has invited Rockette to appear at an upcoming city council meeting. “It just shows the talent we have here in O’Fallon,” the mayor said. “He did a great job with it.”

Rockette plans to pursue a career in music, comedy and acting, despite the fact that those plans might require moving to Los Angeles. Nevertheless, his affection for his home town has been forever captured in the lyrics of his music video.

“I really would not want to live anywhere else,” he says. “Who needs a beach?”