O’Fallon Police Department Reports for December: Incidents, Traffic Tickets, Animal Control,

O'Fallon Police

At the January 22 city council meeting, the O’Fallon Police Department submitted its December 2014 report.

Police responded to a total of 2,836 incidents in December. The most common incident reported was suspicious circumstances, at 339, followed by public service at 316 and extra patrol at 311. Other incidents include:

  • 61 emergency 911 misdials or hangups
  • 19 assaults
  • 64 domestic incidents
  • 4 missing juveniles
  • 64 peace disturbances
  • 108 stealing
  • 5 weapons offenses

Out of a total 1,256 traffic stops, the department issued 860 traffic tickets and 430 warnings. 22 DUIs were noted, and 228 vehicle accidents. No fatal traffic accidents were reported in December.

The Animal Control Division issued four tickets and two warnings. 20 dogs and 12 cats were taken to the kennel, with 11 claimed by owners, six animals adopted and three sent to rescue organizations. One dog and 10 cats were euthanized.