O’Fallon City Council June 25 Agenda: Union Labor Agreement, Heritage & Freedom Fest Update

City of O'Fallon

The O’Fallon City Council will meet Thursday, June 25 in the O’Fallon Municipal Centre. The meeting is open to the public and can be viewed on streaming video through the city’s website.

At 5:30 p.m., the council meets as a committee of the whole to discuss the agenda for the 7:30 p.m. meeting and any other topics that need to be considered. This week, those topics are:

  • Insurance update
  • Plan for transition to ADA-compliant pedestrian facilities
  • Design services for the new justice center/municipal court
  • Main street study – future direction

The formal meeting of the council is at 7:30 p.m. The topics on the agenda are:

  • Service award for Dan Scherer, Assistant Superintendent of Water and Sewer
  • Update on Heritage and Freedom Fest
  • Final approval of an ordinance concerning a union Project Labor Agreement for the new police station
  • Final approval of a rezoning and area plan for Wabash Woods Subdivision
  • Final approval of a plan for Winghaven Pointe
  • Final approval of a bill for the next generation 911 system
  • Final approval of a development agreement for the Villages at Shady Creek
  • Liquor license and live entertainment license renewals
  • First reading of a bill for the acceptance and dedication of storm sewers in WyndGate and Brookside Village A
  • Approval of an agreement for insurance coverage for the city
  • Approval of an agreement with Wilson Estes Police Architects for the Justice Center

The agenda also includes time for public comment and for reports from the council members and city administrator.

A full agenda and supporting documents can be found on the city’s website.