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O’Fallon City Council Bows to Police Department’s Choice for New Patch

New OFPD Patch

The O’Fallon City Council has decided to proceed with the police department’s choice for a new patch design, after asking first to see an alternative design featuring the city’s clocktower logo.

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“I think we have a winner any way we go,” said Captain John Neske of the O’Fallon Police Department. “The police department leans toward the state seal, but it’s not 100 percent.”

At the council’s request, the department came up with three alternatives featuring the O’Fallon city logo in different color schemes, and offered the four designs to the council for consideration.

O'Fallon Police Patch Designs

“We spent a lot of time and money developing that [logo],” Councilman Pheney said. “We need to carry that throughout . . . we need to recognize that’s us.” He suggested that the city seal be included instead in the decals for police vehicles.

“I’d like to see the city seal on the back quarter panel, both sides,” he said.

Several of the council members mentioned that they preferred the logo that featured the clocktower in white on a blue background, but that they were willing to let the police department’s choice stand.

The department will move ahead with the new patch featuring the Missouri State Seal, along with new graphics for black police vehicles that will be phased into the department’s fleet as the white vehicles currently in use are replaced.


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