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Nurse Reaches Out to Mother and Daughter Crash Victims She Comforted

Car Wreck on Highway P

A 32-year-old private duty nurse took to Facebook this evening to try to find the victims of a head-on crash on Highway P in St. Charles County.

“To the driver and passenger of this car involved in an MVA on Highway P this morning, I don’t know your names but I am the nurse that stayed with you while we waited for EMS to arrive . . . ” 

Lindsey Braband woke up this morning to a loud crash. Her wife Rachael Capuano was screaming that there had been a horrible accident on the highway just in front of their house.

Braband called 911, put her shoes on, and passed the phone to her wife.

The scene was horrific. A gray SUV was in the ditch, the front end crumpled almost to the windshield. As Braband and Capuano approached, the driver, a young girl, was screaming that her mother was trapped.

“We told her to take some deep breaths and try to stay calm, that help was coming. I told my wife to stay with her while I tried all the doors. Nothing would open and the unlock button wouldn’t work either.”

Through the broken-out driver’s side window, Braband could see the girl’s mother. “She was unresponsive and gasping for air. I yelled to Rachael that we needed an ambulance immediately.”

“I couldn’t get to you so I talked to you to let you know your daughter was okay and help was coming . . .”

“I didn’t see any active bleeding but I could tell she was very badly injured,” Braband said. She ran back to the daughter and told her, “It’s going to get very loud. They [EMS] are coming down the road. I need you to take some deep breaths and clear your head so we can help your mom. She is going to be ok and we’re going to get her out.”

“To the driver who was so afraid and scared for her mom, you did amazing and stayed calm until more help arrived.”

Emergency crews with the jaws of life were able to free the woman from the wreck, and the mother and daughter were taken away in an ambulance while Braband and Capuano gave their statements to police.

“I just hope this reaches both of you and I wanted to let you know this community has been praying for you! I hope you are both recovering and doing well, you have been in our thoughts and prayers all day.”


(As of 9 p.m. Monday night, Laura D. Muller, the woman who was trapped, was in stable condition at SSM St. Joseph Hospital – St. Charles. For a report on the accident, click here. – Ed.)

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Valentina Gross

Thank you so much for assisting my friend and her daughter! You were her angel on that day! We’ve been friends since third or fourth grade! As you we’re praying for them, I believe her whole class of 1990 was praying as well! I hope one day you’re able to meet her, she’s probably the most sweetest, kind, genuine person I know.