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New Craft Brewery Plans to Open in North O’Fallon This Summer

Good News Brewing Company

Three local homebrewers are turning their hobby into a business and supporting the revitalization of old town O’Fallon at the same time. If all goes well, the Good News Brewing Company, a combination pub and pizzeria, will open for business this summer.

Much like Wentzville’s Friendship Brewery, the story of Good News Brewing Company begins with a group of friends and a love for good times and good beer.

One of the Good News founders, elementary school teacher Dan Tripp, told 70 West Sentinel that he is a self-taught home brewer. “I learned on my own,” he said. “Online, and by reading books.”  When he met Matt Fair at church, they discovered a common interest in all-grain brewing.

“It’s like making beer from scratch,” Tripp said. Fair brought a co-worker, Josh Miller, into the group. The three men were each working at home, on their own, brewing five or 10 gallons at a time to share with friends and family.

Good News Brewing Company
(Left to right) Josh Miller, Matt Fair, Dan Tripp


It wasn’t long before the trio decided to combine their efforts. “We put our money into a bigger system and made 30 – 40 gallons at a time. We invited friends from work, old friends from college–and random other people. We’d order pizza, hang out together, and have a good time,” Tripp said.

A collaboration with Design 2 Brew in Winghaven moved the trio to the next level. Design 2 Brew provided the equipment and supplies and helped to build the Good News name. “That was the first place our beer was sold,” Tripp said.

Just one week ago, Tripp, Fair, and Miller signed a lease on a storefront location in north O’Fallon. “We drove around O’Fallon looking at places with ‘For Rent’ signs in the window,” Tripp said.

“The old town area has a great vibe, with places like Rendezvous Café and Wine Bar and McGurk’s.” The men were thrilled to find a spot at 330 Sonderen, in a building with a historic past and an empty space at one end.

“People in north O’Fallon are phenomenal,” Tripp said. “The owners of this building were interested in what we were doing and really wanted to help us out. In this area of town, people know each other and have each other’s backs.”

Plans call for the location to offer indoor seating for 40 people, plus outdoor seating. In addition to beer, Good News will offer homemade root beer and artisan-style, sourdough crust pizza from a wood-fired pizza oven. The owners are planning to serve guest taps until they have their brewer’s licenses and are able to offer the Good News varieties.

Tripp said that the plans for Good News Brewing Company will be on the March agenda of the O’Fallon Planning and Zoning Commission and that they hope for a June opening. You can follow their progress on their Facebook page.

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