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My name is Easha. Won’t you give me a home?

Offered for adoption by Heartland Humane Society of Missouri:

This stunning torbie is from an animal control facility down south.  She was found as a stray and was thought to be pregnant and Heartland agreed to take her in.

Well, she is fluffy and a healthy weight; but not pregnant!  Once her belly was shaved the spay scar was obvious.  We had her checked out and took care of all other vet work and now she is ready for adoption.

She has taken the other kitties in stride, starts off with a bit of hissing, but is not looking to be friends.  She had very negative reactions to seeing dogs while at the vet’s office, so we are assuming that would not be a good match for her.  She is a calm and quiet kitty with a little bit of diva present, she was a little hissy about so many changes in her life but she did adjust quickly, and she loves canned food and kitty treats.  She is currently getting a can in the mornings and one more in the evenings and that is more than enough.  Dry food is available 24/7 so she is in no way going hungry.

She loves petting and scratches and brushing, not particularly playful; but an excellent companion.  She is medium haired so some brushing is recommended to keep the potential for tangles down.  She has stunning green eyes and one beautiful coat of fur!  Easha is just over one year old and is spayed, up to date on all shots, micro chipped, negative for FIV and FeLV, and has been treated for parasites.  Easha is Heartland #11823CL.

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