Menard’s Withdraws Plan to Build on Wentzville Parkway

William Dierberg Drive

Plans for a Menard’s store to be constructed at the corner of Wentzville Parkway and William Dierberg Drive have fallen through.

A rezoning of the 33.44-acre parcel on the northeast corner of the intersection, along with a conditional use permit for outdoor storage and display of merchandise   are on the agenda for the Wentzville Planning and Zoning Commission‘s April 4 meeting, with the notation “Request to Withdraw.”

“Our real estate committee decided this afternoon that they do not want to proceed with this project. At this point there is no need to continue reviewing our plans,” Menard’s Real Estate Representative Tyler Edwards told Wentzville Community Development Director Doug Forbeck in an email dated March 28.

“It’s disappointing news,” Forbeck told 70 West Sentinel. When asked if any other plans were in the works for the site, which is owned by the Brune family, Forbeck said that it might be possible that the Menard’s project could be resurrected.

Menard’s is a chain of discount home improvement stores that was founded in 1960 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and now has 305 locations throughout the Midwest. The only St. Charles County Menard’s is in St. Peters.  There are also stores in St. Ann, Ballwin, and Richmond Heights in St. Louis County.


  • Sharon podorski

    I think lowes, Home Depot ,Charlie’s and Rural King enough

  • Sharon podorski

    Please lets expand w some new things on E. Pearce to 61

    • Jedi Ninja 007


  • Thomas Larose

    We need a menards down here in Mount Vernon mo. I found a perfect spot for a home improvement center. And it would have plenty of parking. And there’s really no competition here. The closest store is lowes and it’s 35 miles away.

  • Thomas Larose

    Wentzville already have lowes and homedepot there on the Parkway… Why does Wentzville need another home improvement store when they already have 2 big ones there now. I guess they want to be like ofallon 3 on them right on the same intersection hwy k and Mexico rd… and in Lake saint Louis… seriously bring one here to mount vernon mo.. we don’t have any and in desperate need of one.

  • Eric Byington

    While I like shopping at lowes for certain things and honestly hate going to Depot I think menards would be great in Wentzville. Home depot is over priced, lowes is good on some things but menards destroys them both. I completely remodeled my home saving almost 3k for literally the exact same stuff with menards. As far as Charlies and Rural King go, they are farm and equipment, menards would not hurt either. Let them build and watch the city grow even more.

    • Jedi Ninja 007

      You must like crappy product if you shop Menards. Nothing but junk and rebate gimmicks. Lowe’s has nice seasonal stuff, but Depot is the best by far. Their people actually know stuff and the work they do for Veterans is unbelievable.

      • Sharon podorski

        True and returns are a bitch w them

    • Sharon podorski

      Menards would hurt both stores .. Same as Schnucks Dierbergs Aldi Walmart Sav a lot so many not enough people. No one makes money…

  • Johanna Bergmann-Horton

    Can’t we get a Gold’s Gym with Indoor pool for Therapy and senior Exercise classes and A Fish restaurant???!!

  • Kent

    Cabella’s or Bass Pro should move out here! My wife would probably try and have me banned if they did.