Mehlville man charged with terrorism after making threats to Wentzville Home Depot workers

David Colona

David Colona, 47, of Mehlville, was charged November 30 with two felony counts of first degree terrorist threat after he was arrested by Wentzville police for threatening former co-workers at the Wentzville Home Depot.

According to court documents, a former co-worker of Colona’s said Colona was making daily phone calls and leaving threatening voice mails. On November 25, Colona told of a plan to get an assault rifle and kill “as many police officers as he could,” and crush the skull of another co-worker.

Two days later, in another voicemail Colona threatened to go to Home Depot, Auto Zone, or a AA meeting and kill as many people as possible, “for treating me like this for all these years.” He also threatened a co-worker’s family.

Police say that Colona has a history of mental illness and cited several incidents dating back to 2013. He has a pending charge of first-degree harrassment in St. Louis County, and two active orders of protection against him. In a police report from September 2016, Colona said, “I promise you I will murder.”

A motion for a mental examination in this most recent case was made on December 14.

Bond was set at $100,000, ten percent not authorized, cash only. Term of his bond include forfeiture of any firearms.