March 25 Wentzville Board of Aldermen Meeting Report: Bear Creek Streetlights, Towing Contract

Wentzville Flag

At the March 25 Wentzville Board of Aldermen meeting, the following business was conducted:

  • Mayor Nick Guccione awarded a certificate of recognition to STEM award winner Andrew Powell, and to Wentzville Sam’s Club for winning the Helen R. Walton Excellence in Community Achievement Award.
  • The board approved record plats for Crystal Creek and Twin Oaks at Heritage Pointe Garden Homes Plat Six.
  • The board approved the rezoning for the Villas at Stone Ridge, and an accompanying development plan.
  • The board approved a no parking zone for the north side of Pitman from Talley Street to Linn.
  • The procurement policy was changed to give a local bidder who is within 5 percent of the low bid the chance to meet that low bid.
  • The board heard the first reading of a bill to voluntarily annex a 132-acre piece of land east of Highway 61 and south of Route A.
  • The preliminary real and personal property tax levy for 2015 was set at .7902, the same as the current rate.
  • After a great deal of discussion about the RFP (Request for Proposal) process involved in awarding the contract, the board approved an agreement for towing and storage with Budget Towing.
  • A representative from the insurance company presented information about the city’s casualty insurance and workers’ comp insurance. The board approved a new provider and withdrew membership from the old provider.
  • The board passed a resolution about engaging bond counsel for the NorthPoint Development Project and a resolution for preliminary funding for NorthPoint Development Project.
  • The board discussed and approved a request for seven street lights for Bear Creek but agreed that they needed to deal with the street light situation on a city-wide basis.
  • Staff members presented a rough budget for the new city hall of $3 million for planning and engineering and $12 million for construction.
  • Staff members told the board that Wentzville Parkway Turn Lane Project should begin construction in mid May and Corporate Parkway reconstruction in mid July.
  • The city attorney clarified that a city ordinance about campaigning in city hall was meant to keep from disrupting city operations during work hours.

You can view a video of the evening’s proceedings, as well as the complete agenda and supporting documents on the city’s website.