Maple-Bacon Donuts, Anyone? Sunrise Donut Café Now Open in Wentzville

You can’t go wrong with chocolate-iced long johns, with traditional glazed donuts, jelly-filled donuts, and bear claws. And, of course, maple-bacon donuts.

Maple-bacon donuts?

The day that Sunrise Donut Café offered maple-bacon donuts, they sold out of the unusual offering by 7 a.m. So maple-bacon donuts will probably be back soon at Wentzville’s newest breakfast spot.

And the maple-bacon donuts will probably be joined by other new and unusual donut varieties, said owner Jeff Ellis.

Ellis, with his business partner Mike Ryan, opened Sunrise Donut Café just two weeks ago, at the site of the former Wentzville Donut Café at 714 West Pearce. Many will remember the building as Wentzville’s original Pizza Hut.

“We were looking to open a donut shop, and this one just happened to come up for sale,” Ellis said. The shop, which is family-owned and family-operated, is open Tuesday through Sunday from 5 a.m. to 12 noon.

The café offers gourmet coffee and will soon offer Ghirardelli hot chocolate and teas. If you prefer something a little more substantial for breakfast, you’ll be pleased to know that the café also plans to add hot breakfast sandwiches, omelets, and biscuits and gravy to the menu.

The café has plenty of seating and free wifi for customers who want to check their email while they’re lingering over a donut and coffee.

And if you have an great idea for a new kind of donut, tell Jeff and Mike. They just might give it a try.