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Major Case Squad Disbanding After Initial Investigation of Wentzville Death

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The Major Case Squad issued a press release this morning in the investigation of the death of Ruben Martinez of Wentzville, stating that they cannot rule out the possibility that the victim’s death was self-inflicted.

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The press release said that although results of an autopsy are pending, “an initial examination revealed that Martinez suffered from stab wounds and smoke inhalation.”

Interviews with people close to Martinez indicated that he was despondent over personal matters. Those interviews, together with the results of the initial examination and evidence found at the scene led the Major Case Squad to decide that they could not rule out the possibility that Martinez’s wounds were self-inflicted and that he might have set the fire himself.

The investigation will be turned back over to the Wentzville Police Department. The Major Case Squad could be reactivated if the investigation reveals new evidence.

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