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Local Voices: A Little Broken Heart Mended

Saturday was Grandparents Day or bring a Special Someone Day at Heritage Primary school. Londyn brought her daddy as her special someone that day.

There were games and all kinds of fun stuff to do. One of the games was to guess how many gummy worms were in the glass container and whoever guessed the closest wins the candy. After Londyn had already left the event, one of her friends texted me to tell me that Londyn had won! Londyn was so excited to get to school today to accept her prized gummy worms that it was hard to get her to bed on time last night.

Well, when I went to pick Londyn up after school, I could see immediately something was very wrong. She’s not really one to fall apart in front of people and yet under a sunken face I could see red, tear stained cheeks as she walked slumped over to our car.

Once safely out of public, as much as she could be, a raging burst of tears exploded to the point she could barely speak. Uhhhhh my heart sunk. I couldn’t imagine what could have happened to bring her to such tears. I quickly wrapped her in my arms until she was finally able to explain, in between explosive waves of emotion.

Just before class let out, someone bumped into her and the glass container she was holding dropped and busted, leaving her precious prized gummy worms scattered on the dirty floor.

In her sweet, little hand she held out “the only thing left” of her prize–the little ticket that she and her daddy had filled out her name on and the number she had guessed.

Reaching for some way to console her, I started to explain that the gummy worms were only going to be eaten and gone forever, and the best prize was spending the day with her dad and how that little piece of paper would be around for a lot longer to remind her of the special day and winning, and told her that we’d make a memorabilia board for her room to display these kinds of treasures.

This was enough to at least keep any further tears at bay for the time being.

Fortunately, kids are resilient little souls and life went on when we got home. She quickly found her neighbor friend outside to salvage the rest of this beautiful, warm, sunny day. But then something amazing happened–a knock at the front door.

There, with a special little bucket filled with gummy worms stood MRS. STRAYHORN, Londyn’s 3rd grade teacher! Right there! On our front porch! Personally delivering to her the most prized possession a child could ever have– Love.

Gummy worms

My heart is so swelled with happiness that I had to share this.

THANK YOU, Mrs. Tracey Strayhorn, from the bottom of our hearts, for being a teacher that who made my child more than just one of the students in your class. Thank you for going above and beyond in helping teach my child compassion, love, and generosity.

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