Lindenwood Ice Arena Shut Down After High Levels of Carbon Monoxide Reported

Hockey at Lindenwood Ice Arena
Lindenwood and Wisconsin on the ice at Lindenwood Arena Friday night. Photo credit Tracey Cook

Nineteen hockey players were sent to the hospital with symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning after an NCAA Division 2 women’s hockey game at Lindenwood Ice Arena in Wentzville Friday night. Lindenwood Ice Arena remains closed while an investigation is underway.

Scott Queen, Director of Communications for Lindenwood University, told 70 West Sentinel that the incident occurred after last night’s game between the University of Wisconsin hockey team and the Lindenwood team.

“After the game was over, some of the Wisconsin players reported feeling dizzy and ill,” Queen said. One of the women was taken to the hospital.

Queen said that Lindenwood staff called paramedics to check on the Lindenwood players, who had returned to St. Charles by that time. 18 of the Lindenwood players were taken to the hospital.

Lindenwood currently has employees on site looking into the cause, and the gas was shut off to the building, Queen said. All games, practices, and activities for today–including the second game between Wisconsin and Lindenwood that had been scheduled for 3 p.m.–have been cancelled.

A men’s hockey game scheduled for tonight has not yet been cancelled, but that decision will be made later today.