Lake Saint Louis to Consider Changes to Commercial Vehicle Ordinance

Lake Saint Louis Civic Center

At its December meeting, the Lake Saint Louis Planning and Zoning Commission will consider changes to the city’s current regulations that do allow the parking of commercial vehicles in driveways.

In a “Mayor’s Message” posted by the city on its Facebook page, Mayor Kathy Schweikert said, “This ordinance could be a significant change for Lake Saint Louis . . . our current code does not allow commercial vehicles to be parked in driveways.”

Where some municipalities classify commercial vehicles by weight, length, or DOT classification, Lake Saint Louis defines them as any vehicle “used primarily for a business enterprise and having signage or equipment cargo capability like carrying a ladder rack or snow plow.”

Schweikert pointed out that many St. Charles County cities prohibit the parking of commercial vehicles in residential driveways, but, she said

“Should a Ford F150 with signage on the door or a ladder rack be prohibited from driveways in Lake Saint Louis? What about a van the owner uses for his plumbing business. Some businesses require employees to take these type of vehicles home as part of their job duty and their garage is too small for that van. Are we making it too difficult for people who must bring home these vehicles for their job to live in the City?”

With the support of several aldermen, Schweikert said that change will be discussed at the December 7 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

Concerned residents can let their opinion be known by contacting Schweikert or their alderman.