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Lake Saint Louis reconsidering fireworks; residents asked to answer survey


The Lake Saint Louis Police Department is asking for input after several Lake Saint Louis residents approached the board of aldermen asking for a reconsideration of the city’s ban on personal fireworks.

“It’s a headache, a nightmare, and impossible to enforce,” said Lake Saint Louis Police Chief Chris Digiuseppi of the city’s current ordinance.  “During the public display, we get a ton of violations that we can’t address because of manpower issues. If you write one person a ticket while 20 or 30 people are setting off fireworks in the neighborhood at the same time, they’re crying foul.”

The board of aldermen created a committee with representatives from city homeowner associations and the Lake Saint Louis Community Association to look into the issue. The committee then asked the police department to see how other citizens felt, and the police department created an online survey to gather information.

Depending on the results of the survey, the city could consider changing the ordinance to allow a grace period when personal fireworks are legal, like neighboring Wentzville, Digiuseppi said.

For a few years, Lake Saint Louis police officers seized fireworks. “It didn’t change anything,” Digiuseppi said. “They came back the next year with more. But if we legalize them, will it make it better? Or will it make it worse?” he said. “If we do legalize them, what would the time frame for the grace period be?”

Digiuseppi said that last year no property damage due to fireworks was reported. However, a few years ago a single bottle rocked sparked a fire that significantly damaged a Lake Saint Louis home.

“I can’t personally say that I believe fireworks are safe. But let’s see what public opinion is.”

If you are a Lake Saint Louis resident, you are asked to go to the survey and give your opinion:


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