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Lake Saint Louis Firetruck’s Cab Lift Malfunctions

LSL Firetruck Malfunction

The Lake Saint Louis Fire Protection District has once again experienced a major malfunction with its aging equipment.

A crew was sitting inside the frontline pumper Thursday morning when they felt the truck begin to move, and they soon realized that the cab lift was raising by itself, with the crew inside.

“The engineer quickly set the air brake and the crew jumped out of the truck. It turns out that there was a short in the wiring causing the hydraulic cab lift to activate and become stuck in the raised position,” the district reported on its Facebook page.

LSL Firetruck Malfunction

The fire crew was able to lower the cab and, to make sure that it wouldn’t happen again, they disabled the power to the cab lift mechanism.

The Facebook post noted that if the cab had happened to lift while the truck was traveling at high speed on the interstate highway, the results could have been tragic.

Just a few weeks ago, the Lake Saint Louis Fire District was forced to borrow a firetruck from neighboring Wentzville Fire District when the Lake Saint Louis trucks’ air conditioning failed during a heat wave.

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To address the issues of aging equipment and the need for a new firehouse and staff, two measures have been placed on the August 2 general election ballot: an 18-cent tax levy for the district to hire additional firefighters, meet operating expenses, and reduce response times, and a bond issue for up to $8 million for a new fire station and equipment.

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