Lake Saint Louis Continues Improvements to City Parks

Zacharys Playground

The Parks Department for the city of Lake Saint Louis has suggested three projects for funding in the 2016-17 fiscal year budget in a continuing program to upgrade and update the city’s parks.

Boulevard Park Pavilion

Three projects will be proposed for budget consideration:

  • Resurfacing the award winning Zachary’s Playground at Hawk Ridge Park
  • New roofs at the Boulevard Park pavilion and restroom facility
  • Improvements to walking paths at Boulevard Park

Zacharys Playground

Each of the projects involves repair or replacement of existing parks infrastructure, Darren Noelken, Parks and Recreation Director, told the Sentinel. “Zachary’s Playground is almost 10 years old,” he said. “We’ve patched holes, but it is showing wear.”

The roof repairs at Boulevard Park will also replace rotting wood in those structures. Construction dates will be determined once the budget is approved.

Prop C, which was approved by voters in 2013, enacted a ½ cent capital improvement sales tax, with funds earmarked for parks and road improvements.

Playground at Founders Park

Among the improvements that have been completed or are in progress are a new playground, ball field lights, paved sidewalks, restroom and maintenance garage renovations, and an entrance sign at Founders Park; renovations to the parking lots at both Founders Park and Boulevard Park; and the water feature at Veteran’s Memorial Park.

Founders Park Sign