Lake Saint Louis Considering Roundabout Options at Veterans Memorial Parkway

Single Roundabout

The City of Lake Saint Louis recently commissioned a study to look at possible roundabout configurations for Lake Saint Louis Boulevard at Veterans Memorial Parkway and the Interstate 70 ramps. The study was prompted because of problems with traffic congestion and delays with the two closely-spaced intersections at that location.

The study compared two options: two smaller four-legged roundabouts or one larger six-legged roundabout. “Based on our investigation,” the study reported, “both roundabout options are feasible and each would provide significant operational improvements to the intersections, with a significant reduction in delay and improvement in Level of Service.”

Dual Roundabouts

The double-roundabout option was expected to offer better traffic flow at a more reduced speed, and was considered a simpler concept for drivers to manage.

Single Roundabout

However, the single six-legged alternative with its more compact footprint was recommended because of reduced cost and reduced impact to adjacent businesses. Estimated cost for the single roundabout was $1.73 million as opposed to $1.87 million for the dual roundabouts.

Either way, the city probably won’t see any construction on the roundabout project until 2021, Director of Public Works Derek Koestel told 70 West Sentinel. The city will begin the grant application process next March, Koestel said, but federal funding “can take a fair amount of time.”

The city will hold an open house meeting at city hall from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday, January 9, 2017 to get citizen input on the roundabout project and answer questions.