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Kittens rescued by Wentzville firefighters now available for adoption

Kittens rescued from sewer
Photo courtesy Wentzville Fire Protection District

Three kittens that were rescued by Wentzville firefighters from a storm sewer on June 12 are now available for adoption through Heartland Humane Society.

The rescue took place in the Peruque Hills Subdivision. The firefighters were able to flush the kittens out of the sewer with the assistance of a crew from the City of Wentzville’s Water and Sewer Division.

Firefighter rescues kittens in sewer
Photo courtesy Wentzville Fire Protection District

The kittens were taken to a Heartland Humane Society foster home so that they could be checked out and seen by a vet. They are now available for adoption.

“Quite the group effort went into saving this litter of kittens from the sewer in a subdivision in Wentzville.  For full disclosure please hit up the Facebook page of the Wentzville Fire Protection District!  The sewer district was also there to help, neighbors all called when they heard the babies screaming for their lives and actively they participated in the rescue, and three firemen were there to climb down into the sewer and catch them after they were flushed out of the pipe by the sewer district. So truly, the entire village saved these three kittens!” HHS reported.

Rescued kittens

The kittens, an orange male named Shredder, a Torbie (multicolored) female named Karai, and a fluffy gray female named April will be at the rescue’s adoption event at the O’Fallon Petsmart this Saturday, July 21.  All are friendly, happy and healthy, up to date on kitten shots, microchipped, and tested negative for FIV and FeLV. All the kittens have been neutered.

The kittens’ mother was trapped and spayed. However, the Heartland veterinarian determined that the mother cat was feral, so she was returned to the neighborhood, where she is being well cared for.

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