Improvements at I-70, Route A Intersection to Include Stop Lights, Turn Lanes

Route A Improvements

Construction continues on improvements at the Route A intersection with Interstate 70. The intersection, which is already congested during GM and Serco shift changes, is expected to see even more traffic from the new Northpoint Logistics Center.

According to Justin Wagner, a Senior Traffic Studies Specialist with MoDOT, signals were identified as necessary to move traffic safely and efficiently in the area. “The signals, which will be constructed by permit, will have geometric improvements made on both sides of the Route A and I-70 interchange to accommodate the increase in traffic that is predicted to be generated.”

Two turn lanes will be constructed on southbound Route A to eastbound I-70 in order to move more vehicles during peak demand, Wagner said. The signals are expected to be in place by September of this year.

Once those signals are operational, traffic signals at GM Gate 2 and Gate 4, which currently only cycle during shift changes, will be cycling around the clock.

Recently, a traffic signal was installed at the intersection of Logistics Center Drive and Route A west of the GM plant. Logistics Center Drive (formerly Westgate Business Court) was extended southward to East Pearce Boulevard. That change allowed the Wentzville School District’s Transportation Department to add another gate and decrease the amount of bus traffic onto Route A, said David Wilson, Director of Transportation for the school district.

“It’s been a significant improvement,” Wilson said.

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