Humor: The Latest in Weiner Dog Snow-Depth Calculations

With a local television news reporter poking fun at other news outlets measuring snowfall with a wooden ruler, 70 West Sentinel is sparing no expense to bring readers the latest and best technology in snow-depth calculations.

As of 8:54 this morning, at a point in unincorporated St. Charles County pretty much equidistant from the cities of Wentzville, Lake Saint Louis and O’Fallon, West 70 Sentinel measured the current snow depth at 0.4375 wiener dogs.


This is just one of our accurate and up-to-date meteorological forecasting and reporting  innovations at 70 West Sentinel. Watch this site for:

  • Highly accurate wooly bear caterpillar black-band measurements for long-term winter storm forecasting.
  • Decibel readings of grandma complaining about her achy joints and the corresponding prospect of rain.
  • Detailed ring-around-the-moon reports, as well as red-sky-in-the-morning analysis.

In the interest of full disclosure, we do want to warn our readers that we have a limited number of weiner dogs for snow-measurement purposes. Excessive snowfall will require that we move into miniature-donkey storm reporting mode (if the donkey cooperates).

Have a great day!


  • Billy Beaver

    FINALLY! Weather updates that I can depend on!