Holt High Senior Starts Online Petition to Change Mascot

Holt High School Indian Mascot

A senior at Wentzville’s Holt High School has started an online petition to change the school’s mascot, the Indian.

The petition, on Change.org, states:

“For years, the mascot of Holt High School has been an “Indian”, which is an outdated and offensive caricature aimed towards Native Americans. A high school that attempts to champion itself as diverse and inclusive should not still be using a term and image that stereotypes an entire marginalized group of people as a source of school spirit.

“With this petition, I hope to show the administrators of the Wentzville School District and Holt High School that the community frowns upon the usage of such a degrading word and image as a mascot. I hope that this petition starts conversations in the Wentzville School District about changing the mascot of Holt High School.”

Senior Simon Osler, the student who created the petition, plans to deliver a letter to Superintendent of Schools Dr. Curtis Cain and Holt Principal Shane Schlueter that states, “A high school should not be promoting discrimination by using a slur to encourage school spirit.”

Within five hours of posting, the petition had received 172 signatures. Comments supporting the change have been posted by people from Florissant, Fenton, and Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Holt High is the oldest high school in the district and was originally called Wentzville High School. According to Wikipedia, the first graduating class, in 1896, had three students and was held in the building that is now Green Lantern Senior Center. The current building on Campus Drive was constructed in 1975. The school became Wentzville Holt High, or just Holt High, in 2000 with the addition of Timberland High School as the district second high school.

  • TomKim Zipp

    As an Indian I am far more offended by the language and characterizations used in this petition than I am of some school using the image and name of an Indian as their mascot.I don’t consider myself marginalized and being called an Indian is not a slur against my heritage. I call myself an Indian when referring to my heritage. Maybe we should start talking to the groups of people we think are offended before we start tearing down and changing historical symbols. It seems like it is just being done to attract attention or stir up controversy. So in closing know that this Indian (and the others in my family and tribe) couldn’t care less about these names and symbols used as mascots. We have more important things to worry about and you should too.

    • Carol Welch
    • JoAnne Chisholm

      I also (Cherokee) find this petition most offensive! I am not marginalized – Indian is not offensive – stop using racism to divide America! Go get your education and help others!

    • Linda

      Thank you. Common sense is rare these days.

    • Richard H. Eder Sr.

      Thank you Tom well said.

    • Christan Leigh Davis

      I, too, am Cherokee Indian and in no way have I ever found the Indian being Holts mascot offensive nor a slur. If these young kids today did some research on our Indian ancestry, it should be an honor to have an Indian as our mascot. Indians represent courage, strength, knowledge, spirit, tradition, fighters, believers, forgiving souls, and have a belief of never giving up. Sadly, today, our young people have tried to section off ever social class and do so thinking that is what is morally correct. This couldn’t be further from correct. I personally am honored to have the Indian as our mascot and pray the students there feel just as honored and become educated on why they should be honored. I pray this petition that, in my opinion, serves to be a waste of time when the time it took to create such a thing, could be spent on education, respect, and the heritage that once started this great nation.

  • Mary Moore

    I think all you people have lost your minds, I am a graduate of the Wentzville high school, a proud Indian. To me a Indian means strong,proud, ready to fight for what they want. How is it demeaning? I think it shows respect to the Indian people. We didn’t choose the Indian because they are weak and winey. No it’s because they are strong and proud. Which is what we felt about our school. Please don’t change the mascot because someone is trying to get in to a better college and need’ s to beef of their college applications. You have already taken away class valedictorian because others in the class might be offended. Stop changing the things that do not need to be changed. And work on getting teacher’s that smarter than the kids they are teaching.

  • Julie Propst

    Go Wentzville Indians…some things are better left alone and this is one of them. Geez people

  • Parker Condiff

    I had sexual coitus with that kids mom

  • Mindy Hicks

    Wow! I hope I get a lot of support for my opinion. I couldn’t care LESS what the mascot of my children are. But what I simply CANNOT and WILL NOT stand for people who bow down to the left, (or anyone really) and let their lives (and their opinions) be infiltrated by the LEFT. I would imagine a LARGE percentage of the city has another child that is it (or was a part of the current mascot). The only people who are for this change are the ones who joined the the band wagon literally days ago (be ashamed when neighbors read your posts)’. I live in Horton Kansas. Literally less than 5 miles from a very large Kickapoo reservation. And I am quite sure not one of them would think that an Indian mascot is offensive in any way. But I can say with almost certainty, That they would be offended if you thought their heritage was offensive.

    What about the Kansas City Chiefs people ???? Shall we change that too?

    The student who started this is not only a pathetic excuse for an American citizen, but a coward.

    I have NOTHING left to say about this.

  • Mike Hill

    I guess this snowflake got triggered. Could someone give him a blanky and a binky and a dark quiet room so that he can achieved total piece and comfort again? Poor thing, …hurry!

  • cliff

    This is absolutely ludicrous. This kid is a senior who won’t be going to the school next year. Why is he spending his time worrying about changing the mascot?

    The society of young people now days is becoming a society of butt hurt little pansies.