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Go Fund Me page raising money to repair Wentzville preschool flooded during Thursday’s storms

A Go Fund Me page has been created to raise funds to repair a classroom at Future Stars Academy, 411 West Pearce, after torrential rain fell in the Wentzville area on Thursday. According to the page,

After a severe storm went through Wentzville, MO on May 27, 2021, Future Stars Academy was hit hard. Due to a plumbing issue outside, the water began to backup quickly. It began filling the outside stairwell to the brim. Once the pressure got too much, the bottom of the door burst open and the water proceeded to barrel into the classroom. It completely destroyed everything that was in there. The water also made it’s way to a second classroom which means even more damaged supplies. We also had our sign torn off of it’s posts and fly past the windows. It will cost thousands of dollars to get everything repaired and replaced. That’s not something that we can afford. Every little bit helps.

A video of the flood water bursting the door into the classroom can be seen on the Hyperlocal Extreme Weather Facebook page.

Click here to visit the Go Fund Me page for Future Stars Academy.

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