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Fort Zumwalt students “achieving at high levels” and exceeding state targets, report says

Fort Zumwalt North High School

The state released the Annual Performance Reports for schools and FZSD continues to achieve at some of the highest levels in the state.

More importantly, growth in FZSD students from one year to the next exceeds state expectations. Data is available on the DESE website and shows that FZSD is growing students in all areas faster than expected and that students are achieving at high levels.

Highlights from the report presented to the Board of Education on Oct. 21 include:

  • Growth in both English Language Arts and Math (3 year averages) continues to increase with the districts whole student population as well as with the super-subgroup population. In all cases where growth was measured, FZSD exceeded the state target significantly.
  • Students grades 4-8 have significantly outperformed their peers across Missouri the past three years.
  • FZSD achievement in math was first or second in St. Charles County in five of eight grade levels.
  • More than 96 percent of graduating seniors took the ACT. They averaged a 22.3, which was 1.5 points better than state average. District administrators told the Board there are a number of rungs on this ladder to student success:
  • Full-time Curriculum Coordinators. “Our curriculums are written by our staff,” Superintendent Dr. Bernie DuBray said. “Some of the adoptions, like My Sci or Math in Focus, have been expensive, but they are really paying off.”
  • Instructional Coaches. Since 2016 the district has added 17 instructional coaches at elementary schools. They work with teachers on data analysis and strategies to help all students reach their potential.
  • High quality professional development. “You can adopt all you want, but you have to have PD to help teachers learn how to teach it,” Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Jen Waters told the Board. “You can bring everybody in and do two hours of PD. That’s important. But you have to follow up in buildings and in classrooms. The instructional coaches have been a huge part of this process.”
  • Utilizing data. Executive Director of Data and Assessment Mike Neill closed by adding that another big difference in the past five years has been how our teachers learn where each student is on the journey. He said data gathering tools and analysis have changed the work.

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