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Five candidates file in O’Fallon mayoral race

On April 6, 2021 voters in O’Fallon will choose a new mayor.

There are five candidates running for a four-year term. Candidates are listed in order they will appear on the ballot.

  • Paul C. Carlson
  • William “Bill” Hennessy
  • Debbie Cook
  • Mike Pheney
  • Arnie C. AC Dienoff

The incumbent, Bill Hennessy, has served as the mayor of O’Fallon since 2009. Cook is a current member of the city council, and Mike Pheney is a past member of the council.


  1. How about identifying what political party each of these candidates are tied to? That to me is some very key information that most voters would want to know.

  2. I have questions for the candidates:
    1. For whom did you vote in the 2020 Presidential Election?
    2. Are you a registered Republican or Democrat?
    3. If you are a Republican, do you consider yourself a conservatine, moderate, or liberal Republican?
    4. Are you pro-life or pro=abortion?
    5. What are your education and experience levels for the office of mayor?

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