First Responders Recognized for January Ice Rescue in Lake Saint Louis

First Responders Ceremony

The City of Lake Saint Louis honored first responders at a ceremony Monday at Veterans Memorial Park.

The event gave special recognition to the first responders who answered the call when three teenagers fell through the ice of Lake Sainte Louise on January 19. Through the effort of those men and women, the boys–including one who was completely submerged for almost 15 minutes–lived and recovered.

Police Chaplain Roy Christell, serving as master of ceremonies, mentioned that first responders have been under increased, critical scrutiny the past several months. “It’s important to recognize excellence, dedication, and passion in those who serve,” he said. “Maybe we should get into the habit of doing it–saying thank you.”

Lake Saint Louis Chief Mike Force also addressed that subject. “What courage it takes to say ‘these men and women do a great job for us.’ Let’s not overlook the things they do each and every day of their lives,” he said.

Force said that the ice rescue was a “shining example of what happens we come together.”

The following police officers, firefighters, dispatchers, EMS personnel, and civilians were honored:

Lake Saint Louis Police Department Honorees

Lake Saint Louis Police Department

  • Officer Ryan Hall
  • Officer Rick Frauenfelder
  • Detective Rebecca Hurwitz
  • Detective Sgt. Bret Carbray
  • Dispatcher Sheri Tullock
  • Dispatcher Denise Roberts

Lake Saint Louis Fire Department

  • Captain Justin Darnell
  • Firefighter Mike Terranova
  • Engineer Joe Morrow

Wentzville Fire Department

  • Chief Mike Marlo
  • Battalion Chief Joe Hutson
  • Captain Max Mueller
  • Firefighter Scott Dee
  • Firefighter Tommy Shine

St. Charles County Ambulance District

  • EMS Battalion Chief Jeremy Hollrah
  • Paramedic Ashley Pease
  • Paramedic Blake Gabbard
  • Paramedic Rosalba Cirami
  • Paramedic Robert Reed
  • Paramedic Lisa Cassidy
  • Paramedic Greg Pendleton

St. Charles County Department of Dispatch and Alarm

  • Supervisor Andrea Burke
  • Dispatcher Debbie Kasperski
  • Dispatcher Brian Grimes
  • Dispatcher Kerri Marlo

Chief Chris Fay of the Lake Saint Louis Fire Department also recognized two Community Association staffers who witnessed the incident and assisted the first responders. Jamie Rieger, the sister of one of the victims, was recognized for placing the 911 call. “These are not trained professionals,” Chief Fay said, “But they were calm and professional . . .”

Asked to speak to the gathered first responders, the mother of one of the boys summed it up. “Thank you . . thank you for my son’s life.”

For more photos of this event, check out the 70 West Sentinel Facebook page.