Firefighters Rescue Baby Deer Trapped in Storm Sewer

Wentzville’s first responders can deal effectively with just about any type of emergency, as they demonstrated Wednesday morning when they received a call of a fawn trapped in a storm sewer.

Assistant Fire Chief John Schneider told 70 West Sentinel that the department got the call about 7:30 a.m. after a resident heard a high-pitched cry coming from the storm sewer.

The department responded to the location on Jonathan Cody Drive and found a fawn curled up in the bottom of the storm sewer.

“We’re not sure if it came through some of the pipes, or fell through at that opening,” Schneider said.

Firefighter Mark Dwyer went down into the sewer and brought the little deer back up. He was assisted by Firefighter Pat Kelly.

The fawn did not appear to be injured. “It got up and walked around,” Schneider said. A wild animal refuge group is going to check on the fawn later in the day, he said.