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Ehlmann says St. Charles County will not follow St. Louis County and St. Louis City stay-at-home order

St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann responded today to reports that St. Louis City and St. Louis County will be forcing “non-essential” businesses to close, after St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson and St. Louis County Executive Sam Page announced that they would be implementing a 30-day stay-at-home order.

“I do not believe we are in a situation where government should be deciding which businesses must close and which may stay open,” says Ehlmann.

“We will continue to educate our residents that they should stay home except to go to work and procure the services they feel are essential. If businesses and residents work together to do what is right at this critical time, we will be doing everything we need to do right now to slow the spread of this disease.”



  1. How do you think this will get better? Everything must close in order to get rid of it. Keeping stores, gas stations and banks open is making it worse. I don’t get it.

    • The problem there is, how will first responders get to work with no fuel? I see your point but we must have food and those that have to work must have fuel.

      • Angie here in St. Louis County grocery stores, gas stations, and pharmacies are open because they are essential…do you even watch the news?

        • It is not essential for groceries and pharmacies to stay open for public entering or drive through.
          They can start free delivery service and you can order from home. Look at China. They had food delivery when everyone was quarantined. But you cant wait until it happens; you must have contingency plan to go into place immediately if needed.Filing stations need to stay open.

        • I definitely agree shut down all non-essential businesses in Saint Charles Saint Charles city and county what are they waiting for more deaths

      • The gas part should of these convenience stores should be available for credit card only but the inside of the stores should be shut down until this virus has passed. There isn’t anything in a convenience store that u can’t get at the grocery store or Walgreens. A fountain soda is not a necessity. Beer and alcohol aren’t necessities. Most don’t carry enough bread and milk to warrant being called “a necessity”. By not closing these stores, you put the entire area at risk

        • People need food and medicine even tylenol if the only place you can find it is in a convenience store so be it you can’t give restrictions on where people buy what they need

        • Stephen, as a truck driver who delivers your groceries in this time of need I can tell you that the inside if the gas station IS a necessity. Sometimes that is the only place available to us when we are in smaller communities to be able to grab a bite to eat or use a restroom.

        • Do you really think those things aren’t essential in today’s society? Raging Alcoholics kill people over not having their alcohol! People are fighting over toilet paper for crying out loud if you start taking all “non essential” items away from people there will be a huge outbreak of violence, riots, mobs murders etc Do you not remember prohibition???? And today’s society the results from that will be way worse. Americans need to start opening their eyes and start looking at the bigger picture of cause and effect instead of being simple/narrow minded people bc in all reality if this really does come down to who can survive the ones who think so small like that are going to be the first ones not surviving it!!! Good luck to you in the following weeks and start practicing your mornings and days without coffee if you really want to stop sales of non essential items!

        • Oh and one more thing the virus is spreading more quickly at gas stations from people pumping gas than it is by them walking inside purchasing items! I would start wearing disposable gloves when u need to get “just gas” from a gas station.

        • I believe they were speaking in regards to first responders and essential personnel requiring gas to get to and from work. I myself am a nurse at Barnes. Like most of my colleagues I do not live within walking distance to work. Therefore, I need to be able to gas up my car to be able to get to and from work. That’s all.
          Take care and be well.

      • Both of those are considered “essential.” Grocery stores and gas stations will stay open in St. a Louis and in STL County.

        What’s staying open in St. Charles? Bars. Restaurants. Gyms.

        Important for the economy? Yes. Essential for survival? Not for the short term.

        • This is the wrong response. St. Charles should close down non- essential businesses for a month to slow this down. This virus is dangerous and the federal government is feeding citizens a line of BS!

          • Yes!! This is why absolutely ridiculous!! This kind of thing is why we will be dealing with this for months on end. Because one area has chosen to ignore the facts!! Pure idiocracy!

        • Bars and Restaurants closed for inside dining by order of Ehlmann last week. Restaurants are allowed to offer Carryout/Curbside ordering. No word on Gyms, that I’m aware of, but like any public resource. Protect & Distance yourself, carry your own disinfectant wipes and use them on Public Fixtures, don’t stand close to other people. Be responsible for yourself and those you love.

      • Your silly Barb… can’t shut infrastructure down….the System will collapse against itself. Common sense needs to be applied as well as extreme caution

      • I guessing he’ll close 64 and 70! You know … close the “borders”!
        He’s a fool to think people don’t commute from all over the area . It’s more of the same ole song . People calling others “progressives “others “Trumpers”. People want others to make a sacrifice except for themselves. Younger people ignoring guidelines and does anyone have to think very long to see who they learned that from . Drs. have said you can be infected and not show symptoms but still spread the virus ! No one really knows for sure what the perfect action is but should use caution. If not this thing will linger on and on !! Come on people !!!

    • When I go out of town and someone asks where I live I say “St. Louis Missouri” even though I am a resident of O’Fallon Missouri. Mr. Ehlmann is putting all in danger by his reckless assumption that even though our community is large Covid-19 is not a danger to us all. We must all do our part in following the best advice of Medical professionals. STAY HOME.

      • I think he is reckless for not following what St Louis County in St Louis city or doing I think gas stations and grocery stores should be the only things open he’s putting everybody at risk

        • And they don’t pay taxes both business and personal? How progressive of you. Seriously, stop watching the MSM. If businesses close, especially small businesses, the likelihood they will continue to exist is about 20% if that. Plus their employees don’t have jobs anymore. It’s called economics. We should have been following the S Korea model where those who are most vulnerable are quarantined and the rest of the country continues to work. They have the virus contained as do Taiwan and Singapore.

          • They won’t be able to run their small business if they’re dead. The governor of Missouri is a joke for not requiring this across the state, and st. Charles county is right behind him. I’m
            sure they both still think it’s a hoax. Tell them to give Rand Paul a call.

        • And those business and owners, especially small business owners, don’t pay taxes both personal and business? How progressive of you to think only you pay taxes. There is a 20% chance that small businesses will survive if forced to close for any period of time. Plus the fact you will have thousands of people who will lose their jobs. It’s called economics. If we had followed S Korea’s plan and quarantined those who are most susceptible and allowed the economy to continue, we might not be in this predicament. Taiwan and Singapore did the same thing and they are recovering well. Not all counties in every state are affected. Quarantine the counties that are affected, leave the other counties alone and quarantine the most vulnerable.Stop listening to the MSM and stop panicking.

          • Peterson! You hit it on the head. There are a lot of virtue signaling joker’s on this board who are trying to show how much they “care”. None of them obviously are responsible for the livelihoods of multiple people.

      • I agree. He needs to step up and make St. Charles County residents safe. Evidently, this isn’t a concern for him. We all need to STAY AT HOME unless it is essential to get food, medical, pet food, etc. Unessential running around endangers all of us and lengthens the time needed to stay home, businesses being closed, etc.

        • Ummm your pets food is not essential to your survival you do not need a pet to live yourself (unless it’s a pet for special disabilities and obvious other exceptions) but otherwise household pets aren’t essential to any households survival.

      • @Richard- You won’t have to worry about paying those bills if you’re dead from COVID-19!! The Governor of Illinois had it right when he said he was in fact concerned about the livelihood of the residents his state, but “without lives, there will be no livelihood”
        Wake up Steve Ehlmann!! You’re putting the lives of St Charles County at Risk!! Listen to your voters now, or I can promise you won’t be reelected next time! I bet if someone in your family contracts this virus, you’ll enact a shelter-in-place order immediately!

        • Listen to your people of st.charles we need to be on lock down to contain the spread of this disease.your not standing up for us and making calls to save our lives our community like surrounding govenour’s. Yes of course this will be a financial hardships it already is but if your theory of social distancing you think for one minute is gonna be enough to stop the spread of this virus your wrong . You might as well be taking lives the right the for the protection of our city people’s lives come first.thank you for your time

        • Are you looking at the survivable rate of Covid-19? Because so far I’m no expert or anything but far more are recovering than dying. Since I’m in the category of higher survival vs death I still need to pay my bills and provide food for my 3 children, and after this is over the bills will still be there and I can’t work multiple jobs when this is over to play catch up!

          • Well good for you and your survival rate, but not everyone is in your situation. I’d like to see my parents come out of this alright, my sister and I who both have autoimmune disease with kids too by the way, and the other half of my family members are all health care workers. So thanks for your selfish post at this time but there are probably a lot more like me that love our families and would like to see them get through this. Screw the bills I’ll pay what I can when I can, I’d rather have my loved one’s in my life! Stay home!!!!

    • I think it would be in the citizens of St. Charles city & county best interest to follow the “shelter in place” policy that St Louis city & county have adopted.

    • Mr Ehlmann. Thanks for your leadership. We’re all capable of making decisions in regard to this matter. Don’t force a small business to close and maybe loose everything. Some people have no common sense when they only think of themselves.

      • Tom, you actually have that spun the wrong way. By issuing this edict we would be helping the entire community. We are trying to keep this from spreading, getting worse, overloading the healthcare system and causing deaths. You are thinking of a short term financial benefit. There will be some safety nets for small business. Don’t worry. It’s much better than having thousands sick and even hundreds dead!

    • Grocery stores, banks, and gas stations are essential businesses people need to use. People can’t just not get groceries for 30 days. Close all non-essential businesses, sure. But people need groceries to survive.

    • You all are completely naive to think that this panic and closing of businesses is there answer. This whole isolation\quarantine of healthy people and the destruction of our economy has ruined and caused far more pain than it could ever wish to help.
      It would actually be rational to allow the healthy and productive people to work, go to school and operate as normal. Then the government could maintain the economy, not spend trillions of dollars on another bailout AND isolate\quarantine the vulnerable at risk population to keep them safe. It’s far more reasonable to shut down 10% of the population as opposed to 90% I addition to our quality of life following the fake emergency. It’s absurd.

      • You need to watch the news. People are dying everywhere. Dont think its a hoax like Trump did. Turn on CNN your answers are there

        • Lol WHAT!? What happened in Italy?! Look at the age of the Italian population, their population density, the failure of their socialized medicine, not to mention failure to close borders and implement travel bans.

          My at risk family members are self quarentining… Like they should.

          Italy is a terrible example.

      • Soooo what happens when “healthy people” come home from their non essential ventures and pass it on to the “vulnerable” people? ESSENTIAL business ONLY! Ughhhh

      • I understand where you’re coming from but you know eugenics would save trillions of dollars too. (true but sarcasm all)
        This has been vastly under reported and had the government reacted faster the economic impact would have been far less. The longer it goes the worse it will get. You should seriously do some research on the Spanish Flu; which is the best example of handle a pandemic in the US. And someone else made a comment in regards to waiting until someone close to you dies from it…I can tell you’re going to feel even worse if you were the one that passed onto them.

      • A lot of these people have started out thinking they’re “healthy”. Doctors and nurses have died. I’m sure they were plenty productive before then.

    • As someone who lives in St. Louis County and works in St. Charles County,I think this is absolutely ludicrous judgement on his behalf. I can’t believe the greed I’ve seen over the past week.

    • The people that this “armageddon” virus has killed in the U.S. are ALL the same population severely at risk from dying of the flu, pneumonia,etc… The “3%” mortality is an absurdly skewed number. It doesn’t account for the asymptomatic or those who have contracted it and not been tested. And 2 million deaths? Really? The supposed mortality rate is a dog shit assumption. To know what it is, you’d have to have a random sample of people that are symptomatic, asymptomatic, healthy, and of significant age and health diversity. Not to mention from different areas of the country to account for the effect of climate; the media is throwing out incomplete numbers to frighten people and increase viewership.

      How about we also worry about the people who don’t have enough money to “stock up” and stop working. People who own businesses and don’t swim in pools of money like Scrooge McDuck have also been destroyed by this panic designed to protect those already vulnerable to ALL major illnesses.

      I’m guessing those of you advocating complete shut down don’t work for a living or need to provide for your family?

      Ehlmann just cares for the 97% or more of people who won’t develop severe complications from this over inflated crisis. He knows that if the economy goes to shit, nothing else matters.If you’re scared and nervous or have a compromised immune system; STAY THE HELL HOME. Let the rest of us work and take care of our families.

    • The Amazon plant in St Peters Missouri it’s not providing workers with enough disinfectant wipes, gloves, and masks. Amazon is not treating their workers as people that are essential employees (although they have been labeled as such) and continue to treat them as disposable workers. The employees and their families and all of us are are now at risk just so Amazon can profit. I can understand that there are not enough Masks….there are not enough globally. However the coronavirus can last on cardboard up to 24 hours… aren’t you concerned about where your products are coming from? They come to your house from Amazon in cardboard boxes, how long should you wait before you touch them? Why should the workers have to suffer to get you your product? We need to demand that Amazon shut down for the mandatory period of 14 days to ensure their workers, the families of their workers and our community is safe.The Amazon plant in St Peters Missouri it’s not providing workers with enough disinfectant wipes, gloves, and masks. Amazon is not treating their workers as people that are essential employees (although they have been labeled as such) and continue to treat them as disposable workers. The employees and their families and all of us are are now at risk just so Amazon can profit. I can understand that there are not enough Masks….there are not enough globally. However the coronavirus can last on cardboard up to 24 hours… aren’t you concerned about where your products are coming from? They come to your house from Amazon in cardboard boxes, how long should you wait before you touch them? Why should the workers have to suffer to get you your product? We need to demand that Amazon shut down for the mandatory period of 14 days to ensure their workers, the families of their workers and our community is safe.

    • I fully understand mr Ehlmann’s point. Don’t necessarily agree. But the biggest issue in his reasoning. IF. IF people would make the choice of safety and life over profits. IF everyone earned a decent wage AND lived within their means do they COULD survive a few weeks without an income this would all be wonderful. Small business is an expensive undertaking. Everything you make goes to the business. Not much left for family and self savings. Let’s all be neighborly – from a distance- and care for one another.

    • You don’t get it because you’re ignorant to the facts and should shut up, listen and use common sense instead of mouthing off on the internet.

    • Thank you!!!! If you don’t want to go out..don’t! I for one do not want to be stuck in my house. It is a virus, we will survive. It is out there and will spread. You might already have it .

    • I wouldn’t say it’s making it worse…but it definitely isn’t making it any better. Unfortunately, those essential businesses need to be open to keep the economy somewhat going. I agree though, this stay at order is absolutely pointless.

    • Stay at home order should mean ” PEOPLE STAY AT HOME”. They shouldn’t have ordered this if they are letting everyone to rome around everywhere. This is just making it spread more

    • I just wish I had 1/10th of the knowledge of the people responding to this article. So many learned experts, so many brilliant well thought out comments. I’m humbled by it all. If only I could know so much so that I could pass it on to the rest of the rest of the ignorant.

  2. Stupid.
    Let’s go against the advice of every medical professional. This is putting us in immediate danger – and long lasting consequences. The fact that you are unwilling or unable to lead at this crucial time is noted.

    • Ugh Hes just not shutting businesses down people. Hes giving them the option. Hes smart. And for all of you people calling him an idiot do some actual homework and educate yourself the right way on this. Give the officials some credit where its due. I guarantee they have better resources than you do. Put yourself in the position of them. Dont panic and be mindful about it. The world doesnt have to stop to stop the spread of the virus. We just have to be smart about what and how we do what we do. Change a few habits and stay level headed. Besides if we do happen to contract this virus its likely we wont die but those with compromised immune systems need to take sticter procautions. And if you disagree you have the prerogative to stay home and fort knox yourselves out if society. But eventually you are going to have to go out in need of something and then what will you do if everything is closed. NOT to mention the economic depression that it will cause. The economic downturn of the reprocussion of what this pandemic could cause is what everyone should be thinking about. You want to pay $50 for a gallon of gas or milk then keep on panicking and stay completely locked up at home and commend shutting everything down. Jeez people think about it. Even the officials who are instilling the house arrest laws in other cities are saying the same thing. Precisely why liquor stores are noted on the essential list of businesses to stay open. Lol!

      • Sally, if everyone stayed home, wouldn’t that limit demand for gas and perhaps drive the price down?
        Now for the rest…do you really think the state of Missouri is accurate with their nunbers? We’ve done the third fewest tests in the country. I challenge you to call the hotline and try to get someone to answer. You all can think it’s fake news and the economy is going to tank, but I have news for you, ithe economy is tanking! And it doesn’t matter if you stay home for a week or two! Do we really want this to drag on for months and months? Not knowing who has it? Who is contagious? Whether your parents with COPD are going to die? Is our booming economy in St Charles County Missouri that important?
        I don’t want to be evil, but I hope this guy gets sick and is miserable!

      • No, he isn’t a leader. Leaders think about the big picture and make decisions that, may be hard, but are the right choice especially when we are talking about a virus that is spreading rampantly. So many are not taking the needed precautions to contain the spread – so he should step up and make the decision for them. Very sad. A leader more concerned with money than the lives of his constituents and the surrounding communities.

    • What danger? Long lasting consequences? Our economy is dying because we can’t isolate the vulnerable and at risk. That’s long lasting. Businesses and livelyhoods gone; that’s long lasting. The illness isn’t new or unprecedented; it’s not even remotely dangerous for (as of now) < 3% of the population. The reaction has surpassed the illness in terms of danger.

      • Your comment is the exact reason he should be making people stay home. The concern of money over lives is just ridiculous. This is a completely new illness…if you have information that it isn’t, can you share it with the experts so they can review your information on how to treat it? We have no idea how dangerous this is because the information chain from China has almost diminished due to our unfortunate leadership. People are dying, many people. Have you paid attention to what’s going on in Italy? 800 people died in one day. That’s not unprecedented from an illness? What, are you going back to the early 1900’s when we had no way of controlling illness. Businesses can come back, that’s not long lasting. What is long lasting is someone dying unnecessarily because you had to have something from a non-essential business. It’s a non-essential business caring more about shutting down for two weeks than about the people they employ. These are people who could get sick and die or pass it to someone else who could get sick and die. Get over yourselves for a minute and think about the community.

    • I agree. As an ED nurse, I’ve had my first exposure. I’m scared, but I do this for a living and use some element of barrier with every interaction. In the public, you have no barrier. The guy pumping gas could have sneezed into his hand and then uses the pump you use 5 minutes later. No one should be outside their home unless they are medically ill and seeking care. Get enough food for 2 weeks and stay home. I’m in Florida and those asshole spring breakers are going to be responsible for thousands of deaths. They need to make it a national wide lockdown so we can stop this. My family lives in St. Charles and they are staying in lockdown.

      • It amazes me to no end that people think it’s helping to not spred the virus by getting food fr a drive thru, or curbside where in each case nothing short of 5 people have handled the food, condiments and containers….these are NOT essential in any way, shape or form. Everyone has the ability to prepare something at home.

    • I don’t like Ehlmann but I agree with not closing all the businesses in our county. You can self pump gas and pay at the pump you do not need to go in and get soda or cigarettes and lottery tickets.

  3. But it’s not going to work like this. My employer states that we are an essential business, I can’t say if we are or are not but there are several, including myself, with compromised immune systems and this past week, we had an employee return from a trip to the state of Washington, he was back for one day and then gone again. When HR was asked about it all they would say was that he was in a scheduled leave. That just doesn’t make sense, why would you go out on vacation, come back for a day and then go back out again? He’s not office staff, he didn’t need to come back for a day to tend to business so we’re all left wondering, is he out with symptoms? Are we at risk? We should have a choice in wether we want to be around people that risk exposure to the virus and then possibly put us in harms way. What are our rights? I know we can quit our jobs, but come in!!

  4. This is one of the most errogant and ignorant statements from a public official. How do you NOT PROTECT THE Citizens to do everything humanly possible to combat this global crisis!

    • Words from a public official. Seems to be about money and not the citizens. There comes a time when you have to decide. I do realize that not being a business owner my words are easy to say. But protecting people should be the main concern.

  5. Your an idiot, get with it. Something more drastic needs to happen so these stupid people know the seriousness of this. Drove by Home Depot and Lowes yesterday, parking lots were absolutely jammed. What are these people doing, UNBELIEVABLE…

    • Home depot and Lowe’s are considered necessary because they provide products such as water heaters cleaning supplies and certain electrical supplies that are considered crucial for emergencies. They are considered just as essential as the grocery store or gas station. Not saying I agree with it just explaining why. Personally I think all gas stations should go to pay at pump only and interiors should be closed and stores(grocery or otherwise) should go to delivery and pick up only to limit social interaction. They still have revenue and it keeps the 100s of idiots from gathering at the doors at 7 am. Economy remains functional and maximum extent feasible of social distancing is obtained.

    • These people are going about their normal lives as they should. What are you doing? You mean you’ve locked yourself up in your home and neverleave it? Jeez its a shame because it doesnt have to be that way if you educate yourself on this virus. Do you realize it could take 3 to 4 months to cycle thru our country alone and that is just the 1st wave ov 2 or 3 or more to come. This isnt going away anytime soon. People have to understand the world isnt going to stop it cant. We have to be mindful and change our habits and how we interact not stop interacting. We have to keep spending money and keep our lives a float the best we can so not to cause another great depression. Panicking is the worst thing to do and every official around the world will tell you that. Social distancing is not isolation. Quarantine is for the people who have contracted the virus. You will never ever be able to isolate those that dont have it nor should you. AND there are many people who are immune to this virus who will remain unaffected regardless. Shame on everyone who is quick to judge a man trying to do the best he can with the resources provided. He’s a smart person and no i dont know him personally but those negatively judging him and actual name calling is jeez like the behavior of a 5 year old. Wisen up people. Do your homework and worst case scenario if you disagree just stay home yourself with your negative opinions. If youre right about the quarantine and marshall law and financial depression you’re behavior will cause well then so be it. But for the rest of us who choose to keep a level head let us keep living the best we can amidst the craziness.

      • I think people are little more educated on the topic than you may think and you need to look in the mirror and EDUCATE yourself on transmission rates within a community that is proactive vs reactive during a pandemic. A great starting point you should start with is doing some reading on the Spanish Flu and compare what communities did different to avoid devastation. Isolation/quarantine is the only way to slow/flatten the curve. You’re right that this will come in waves, however at the moment that chart is growing exponentially, which creates havoc on the medical institutions that already lack supplies, beds, testing, and general knowledge on treating patients while keeping thier staff safe. In the end it will be ok for most of us to contract the disease, and in FACT (educated) that is how antibodies will be created. You just don’t want 100,000 people in one community flooding the medical institutions (including pharmaceuticals) because that’s how you keep this extremely high death rate (if you don’t think it’s high, then do some more reading). You also need to educate yourself on the people that you’re claiming are immune are still carries and easily pass this along throughout a community.

        About 10-14 days ago (I personally feel closer to 3-4 weeks ago) isolation/quarantine ‘was’ only for the ones who have been infected, but now it’s recommended by the federal government (and CDC) because they realize how far behind the curve they are due to the spread of the virus traveling considerably faster than they originally thought. We’re past the stage of just social distancing due to the recent development of learning how long the virus lives on surfaces and how the virus is being transmitted.

        I too don’t know Ehlmann and I would like to agree that he’s ‘trying’ to make the best decision. Furthermore at this point in the conversation I would consider Ehlmann having financial interest in local businesses slander, however I would agree with people that the decision he’s making to not close things down does project that idea. At the very least, he’s showing to be more on the reactive side which has proven to devastate communities (educate yourself on the topic above). The real argument here should include people being more pissed at the governor than Ehlmann because a worldwide pandemic shouldn’t be decided at the county level.

        I also agree with the people saying that pay at the pump should be mandated, along with grocery deliveries and car-side pickup. This should go on for 3-4 weeks following a 2 week community isolation. The gas stations and grocery stores are hotbeds for transmission.

        This whole thing isn’t about isolating yourself for months at a time. It’s about isolating the community interaction for 2-3 weeks so the medical institutions, research, and manufacturing of appropriate supplies can catch up. The truth is people spread the virus faster than we can fight it and had we done a national 2 week shutdown 3 weeks ago, we would have been well ahead of the fight and the economic impact would have been far less.

      • June, is there no sense of community? We do what’s best for everyone? If We continue going about our daily lives the way we have, numbers will continue to grow, hospitals will be overrun, people will die.
        Sure, I’m in good health. Hopefully it will just make me sick, But what about others? Have we really become so callous?
        If Donald Trump (the one who never believes science) finally believes, shouldn’t we all take heed?

  6. By the time this virus is done with us, it will have killed 2 million people. It is growing exponentially. Any yet no order to stay at home. Have we learned nothing from New York.

      • There are 330 million people in the USA, but only 965 thousand hospital beds and 40 to 60% of those beds are already in use at any given time. There are only 70 thousand full-function Ventilators in the USA. DO THE MATH. What has happened in Italy CAN happen in the US too – the healthcare system will get overwhelmed. Not everyone will become severely ill from Coronavirus and require hospitalization. Most WON’T. But the percentage who DO may completely overwhelm the healthcare system.
        The best solution is to avoid spreading the virus so that the number of cases is reduced, and are spread out over time so as to not overwhelm the healthcare system. The Coronavirus-19 is different than the flu. It’s MUCH more contagious and much deadlier. 0.1% of people who get the flu die. Approximately 3% of people who get Coronavirus will die. That’s a huge difference. Yes, 37 thousand people died from the flu this last year. That’s childsplay compared to how many may die from this disease if we let it spread.

      • Right Jake. And teresa et all you do realize a stay at home order still allows us to go out and do whatever correct pretty much right? Look at the list of acceptable businesses. Its pretty much almost everything. besides hasnt anyone learned anything from history economically speaking? Like the great depression? Eventually youre all going to need something and have to go out and where you going to go if govt shuts it all down. This virus will continue to cycle most of this year at least in waves. It will come back qnd probably again. How long all you people want to stay couped up in your house without anything? Just be smart practice new habits conducive to not spreading disease and everything will pan out in the end.

    • Stay at home order is essential in order for us to combat this vurus. I truly hope you read all of these comments and change your decision before it is to late. It is better ti be proactive then to have regret because you choose to make a decision that may be extreme and a little uncomfortable for most people. Leaning on the side of caution is necessary in times like this. Please reconsider your decision and mandate a stay at home order.

      • Hey sarah have you read what a stay at home order actually really is? It doesnt actually make people stay at home nor should it. Its mind boggling to me how undereducated everyone is on this. Read up people. This isnt even the 1st time in history the world has seen this virus. ugh. This is comical what people are choosing to beleive. Its sad actually. Social distancing proper handwashing and staying at home if your sick LIKE WE ALL NORMALLY SHOULD ANYWAY is about the extent of it. Well unless all you other people want every business to shut down and the economic bottom drops out from under the world. That would take far longer to recover than the virus impact. smdh

        • Jake, the bottom has fallen out. The market will come back. Businesses will recover and sure our 401ks will take a couple years to stabilize, but even that will work out. Comparing this to the Great Depression is a seriously flawed comparison. Was there a virus in 1929 that caused the financial institutions to crash?

          • *Agree with Bill* – Actually this is GREAT for your 401k if you’re younger! Your buying while prices incredibly low and will grow substantially over the years. The ones closer to retirement (within the next 1-2 years) hopefully have their investments safer and more diversified.

  7. Steve Ehlman is moran who doesn’t care about the people. The same as large corporations do not care about the people. They dont want to miss out a dollar and cannot see this issue is far greater than a dollar bill. So large companies choose to continue spreading the disease and putting it’s people at risk unnecessarily. Maybe when one of Steve’s family members
    Parish he will change his mind. This is wreckless. The sooner the world shuts down the sooner this is over. Period.

  8. You’re an irresponsible asshole! The cross over between STL & STC county happens everyday, all day long! People exercise poor judgement everyday & they WILL die as a result. Your leadership is nonexistent! My adult son lives in STL County but works in YOUR County. I hope you are prepared to explain to mothers that their child is sick & maybe you could have prevented it!

    • This is so ridiculous!!! My mom is still having to work who is 60+ when it’s not necessary. Super disappointed in your careless decision making!!!!!

      • A stay at home order will not prevent you mom from going to work… especially if she works in a field considered essential. If she determines for herself it is necessary to be at home for protection, then she faces the consequences determined by her employer. Ehlmann is in control of what will be considered essential, but will likely align with other counties.

  9. Steve Ehlmann, have you not done any research of previous countrys’ ripple effect of the depth of this sickness on the public safety? How irresponsible of a voted in leader to disregard the elderly in your decision to not follow your superior’s action to eliminate the potential opportunity to spread the potential issue. I am a 33 year old republican that takes sole care of her 76 grandmother, and sir after this poor decision of yours to disregard our seniors’s health, I will be absolutely sure to never support you again. I wonder how far my social media discontent of your irresponsible & grossly disrespectful, disregard of public safety will spread. Hopefully for your sake, not as quickly as this virus. Shame on you.

  10. That is awesome. I think it should be your own decision. I live in st Louis county and it sucks I’ve been out of work going on 2 weeks now and its making it worse. Wish I lived in st Charles county

    • I encourage everyone including our leaders to watch the short presentation on youtube entitled “What this chart actually means for covid-19”. It explains how to plot the speed, growth and death of this virus. Want to know when this ends? Watch this presentation

  11. Yes, by all means, go out in public. The Novel Coronaviris is no doubt afraid to cross the bridge into St. Charles, just like local residents feel they take their lives in their hands if they leave St. Charles. Way to lead.

  12. Thank you! Could not agree more, we are responsible adults that can manage and take precautions as needed. It is truly appreciated that we will not be shutting down, there are many small businesses (and their employees)that will be relieved to get to stay open to support their families. Thank you for being reasonable in this unprecedented time.

    • I agree! Government should not have this right! This should be the decision of the individual buisness owne. People are losing their jobs and they are scared and stressed out! They need to be able to support themselves and their children. This is in No WAY “Just a Virus”… IF these Harsh Restrictions continue, the Economy will nose dive to the ground, people will be having heart attacks, and suicide rates will skyrocket because they will be so stressed about not having a job, and money. This virus has sickened like 73 or so in Mo., a state of over 6 million people. It’s also said to be 2 times Less Deadly than Influenza. Media fuels the lies… lies fuel the panic… panic ruins the economy. People,STOP listening to the Media! Btw,CNN is said to tell the Most Lies of any news station. Stop watching the news! They make bank over all their viewers right now, lieing, being dramatic and getting the “eyeballs” of many…Businesses should take Adequate Precautions, limit their customers, and keep their doors Open. I am more than happy to support these businesses who stay open. They need our support!!

    • St. Louis County and City are basically making our minds up. St. Charles County however are allowing us to make up our own minds. St. Charles County has enough faith in there residents that they make smart and considerate decisions

    • I think he is reckless for not following what St Louis County in St Louis city or doing I think gas stations and grocery stores should be the only things open he’s putting everybody at risk

      • This executive is smart. The disease spreads in areas of high population density and heavy mass transit use, and or lots of international visitors. Most of those conditions do not apply to St. Charles County. I have also read that warm weather retards it’s spread. St. Louis City and St. Louis County are overreacting.

  13. I can’t believe that your saying this… Daycares in St. Charles need to close to this deadly virus that is going around.. It’s just my opinion…

    • How will first responders work if they have no one to watch their children? If your role in the community is non-essential, keep your children home and safe. But for many, having child care means you are able to benefit from their skills. Let us count our blessings that this illness isn’t as detrimental to the young.

  14. What an idiot. Such an easy decision for someone to make who isn’t on the front lines dealing with sick people everyday. Being pregnant and having a toddler at home this is very scary for us and inconsiderate of you!!!! We are still going in and taking care of your needs you selfish prick.

  15. Im just wondering if this will change because sending people to work, how will this slow the spread of COVID-19. Residents lives are in danger why shouldnt we follow suit our lives matter and all companies want is money

  16. You are an idiot!!! Can you not see or hear what is going on in this country? God will heal us in his time, but we have to help ourselves as well. With people like you, we will never get over this. God have mercy on you. For he WILL take care of the rest of us.

      • Nothing wrong with have some faith. You are wrong for condemning a person who does. I bet you are one of those with hoards of toilet paper because you think it is a necessity, even though its not, neither are paper towels.

  17. How is this virus going to contained then? So we are all in jeopardy because you dont want to comply with others. Work together to find a common solution.

  18. Im sorry that is ridiculous. You are responsible for the health and well being of your citizens. Stop the spread and shut things down!!!!

  19. Steve Ehlmann- Come work in the medical offices since you are confident this is a good decision. This is why this is going to get so bad- because of idiots. I hope you read these messages and see how foolish you look!

  20. Shopping at a grocery store during hours that designated for elderly customers and encountering self-proclaimed “invincible” and selfish customers who are clearly NOT elderly (and are sometimes) hoarding…. is evidence enough for me that this is not a great plan.

  21. Sir, you are irresponsible and negligent!! This is insane. Have you not listened to what is happening and what is the only way to curb any of this?!?!? Apparently not. People look to our government to know best in situations like this and as long as non essential businesses stay open, that tells people it’s ok to go about their daily life as usual. That is so dangerous! I am a shop owner in st Charles and I can now only hope that as I did, that business owners will do the right thing, and close! It’s the only smart and responsible thing to do!!

  22. It is crazy to me that he is not doing the same. We just closed down our business yesterday. We are responsible for over 20 employees and their livelihood. The sooner we are all on the same page, the sooner we can get through this. I can’t believe it’s the business owners themselves making these decisions and not our leaders. WAKE UP. DO YOUR JOB!!
    It’s hard to get your young adults to understand the seriousness of the situation when the politicians aren’t taking the lead.

    • Unfortunately, us all being on the same page doesn’t mean we are through this sooner. Flattening the curve means we are all staying home 3 times (or more) longer to stop the spread. Aggressive testing and quarantine are the only successful control methods, as proven by Hong Kong and Singapore. Go home and don’t leave isn’t working anywhere, and is no protection to in residence family, delivery people, etc.

  23. I greatly admire your decision and thank you for putting your trust in St. Charles County residents. There are so many of us taking serious precautions to stay healthy and protect others. Small businesses are the backbone of this community and so many families will be bankrupt if we made them close. Thank you! Thank you! PS. I sincerely wish we had a way to implement a vote to truly leave it up to the people.

  24. I’m sure St Louis city and county shut down because they knew the Illinois order would flow folks (although illegally) to STL, same thing will happen now with STL city and county coming out here to mix with our residents. Isolation is the only key to beat this and figure out who has it and qurrantine them. Let’s just do a total lock down for one month and get this thing done and over. You can’t play with a lit match. Only time will tell of this decision.

  25. THANK YOU Steve!! Finally a leader who isn’t jumping off a bridge just because everyone else did it running away from imaginary bees! THANK YOU

  26. The growth in cases isnt necessarily actually growth of the virus, its growth of it being diagnosed because testing is now available. We have all already been around these people walking around with it for months. Businesses can choose to close and people can choose to stay home but the virus has been active for months undiagnosed.




  27. Stop the spread now, it may already be too late but keeping things open only risks more lives. Ashamed that money is more important than our lives!

  28. The 28 year old who gets sick after going to the bar and partying in St Charles will get priority for the ventilator before my 80 year old dad does who is doing his best to stay isolated. Those kids on spring break sure demonstrated great judgement and concern for the well being of us all.

  29. Mr. Ehlmann, I worked with your mother many years ago when I just started my career in nursing. She was a good person, caring for others. Obviously you DID NOT LEARN anything from her. Your decision is going to be devastating to many people. Shame on you. Disgraceful human being!!!!

  30. He is not following health experts advice and that hurts us. Money isn’t worth the human life. I hope the county gets sued by survivors. Businesses should also be worried about that… Top health professionals are pleading with the governor and one idiot seems to follow the others. Wouldn’t want to get his hate mail in the future. Very careless decision being made!

  31. Typical Republican decision,you only care about money.The only way this virus will be contained is by ordering people stay at home.You are irresponsible and ignoring what other officials who understand is the best way to end this very dangerous and deadly virus nightmare.Please reconsider your decision and do the right smart thing for the safety of your people.

  32. You are playing with our lives. Politics aside please!!!!!! The virus can only be stopped if you separate people. Please talk to medical personnel that know about this!!!!

  33. You are playing with our lives. Politics aside please!!!!!! The virus can only be stopped if you separate people. Please talk to medical personnel that know about this!!!!

  34. Wow sounds like the politicians in Italy and see where that got them. We don’t have a magic curtain to keep any virus out of St. Charles county and we do have many hard heads that stick their head in the sand and do what THEY want no matter who it could affect. Remember this come election time folks.
    As a health care worker, I would like to try to curb this before it gets all over the county.
    He sounds like someone that will close the gate after the cows get out!!

  35. Does St. Charles County always have to be backwards? How prepared are our hospitals? Ventilators, masks, ICU rooms? Alternatives to hospitals? Any preparations, just in case you are wrong? This is a pandemic we are dealing with!

  36. Some of you condemn Ehlmann that has already weighed the cost of his decision, going against the anxiety of others that have followed the domino effect, eventhough you still go out of your homes to the grocery stores and other places you deem necessary for your personal life, disregarding the safety of yourself and others when you leave your own house – but condemn the authority who gives you the opportunity to do so.

    Do any of us know anyone that has it and is deathly sick or have died from it personally? …or is this just from something you read?

    • OMG…do you think this is all made up? Just because you dont know anyone personally affected? Follow your stupid leader and you will know someone very soon!

  37. St. Charles County Leadership is a big FAIL during this. The order needs to be given because of the idiots that will not take it upon themselves to do the right thing and stay at home unless it is for a necessity. All I can say is our family even though no order is given we will be practicing Shelter In Place anyways. I will NOT be part of the problem, but WILL be part of the solution.

  38. I think this is a poor decision. So many people think this is a joke, as we have all seen just by the amount of people still traveling, you are putting way too much trust in the common sense factor, that clearly many people are lacking. I personally would rather be quarantined at home with my family rather than in a hospital bed with the possibility of dieing alone.

  39. We citizens can lead by staying home without needing a leader to tell us. We have more sense than he does.
    Stay at home to give the medical folks time and to level out the demand. What makes him think St Charles county is exempt.
    Learn from the Spanish flu lesson where Philadelphia had two times the death rate by delaying. St Louis was aggressive and saved lives. Don’t wait for him to wake up and care about us instead of his business friends. It’s a sacrifice but we have to do it!

  40. I would suggest everyone seriously think over what would happen in a shutdown. I also would suggest you look at history and what happens when you give up your rights out of fear to the government. Educate yourself accordingly. Once our rights are signed away. They won’t be coming back. Many bills are being put in place to drastically limit what most of us take for granted. It would be in everyone’s best interest to think logically through this situation and not fall prey to bad decisions in times of crisis.

    • Valid concern. The treatment is starting to look worse than the disease. I’m not sure if anyone is even concerned about the amount of suffering from forcing so many business to close. I don’t know how people can be expected to survive without income.

    • Agree!!! If you feel the need and have the supplies of food for 30 days then good for you stay at your home and don’t leave. There are some that can only buy groceries on a weekly basis. Also there are people who work in healthcare who need to have gas to to work to tend to the sick. Why do we need an order to stay home just stay home if that is where you feel safe!!!! Also there are individuals who need to work in order to pay there rent or mortgages or other bills.

  41. Head this warning Mr.Ehlmann…we are all book marking this..your words…your lack of action that most CERTAINLY will cost lives. We will all make sure that your your name, position, and legacy will be DISGRACED. How DARE you gamble with our lives. Absolutely disgusting. Let’s get to work citizens of St.Charles and share the HECK out of this. Let’s GO. Time to act

  42. We’ll remember your NON ACTION Mr EHLMANN, and show you next time your running for re-election. Money over safety? Shame on you!!!

  43. Whats wrong with you Steve. Iam a person with.bad immune system and cause of you’re poor decisioa makokgti have. To go to work. And risk getting sick. !! Cause you won’t do a shut down for Sr Louis county and city. If I get it it’s you’re fault¡

  44. because we’ve been doing good or not making it spread as fast it’s still coming our way and we do need to do what everybody else is doing or it will come and take over our city STAY HOME

  45. Ignorant, and arrogant. I hope those businesses that stay open dont come crawling for financial aid since they are endangering peoples lives. Some businesses do need to remain open. Yes we need food, prescriptions, fuel, emergency services etc.. This will come back to haunt him!

  46. I like this decision. Let people determine what is essential, not some government official. Isolationists can just keep staying home and businesses can close if they choose. I think the risks of continued operations are well known and if people want to take those risks they should be allowed to. That’s how we handled h1n1 (the last pandemic). Somehow we survived.

  47. Why do you need the grown-ups to tell you what to do. You have the right to quarantine yourselves and families for as long as you’d like. Seriously… The grown ups are trying to let the herd of mindless sheep keep themselves safe for a minute while big kids figure out wtf to do about everything else! Y’all make me sadly livid which is a trash ass feeling that should not exist!

  48. This guy is an idiot! The national guard will come in and take care of it since you’re too much of a puss. He’ll get the virus don’t worry.

  49. Anonymous, I have a compromised immune system and I will be taking a leave of absent until this is under control. This is life or death for me.

  50. Some people are real leaders and some people are good at pretening to be A good leaders guess where he fits? It Obvious he is all about the bucks and not about lives. This is serious.I don’t live in St Charles county but I have family and friends there & my daughter works there & I don’t appreciate you saying my loved ones don’t matter. You are a selfish person & you wont be satisfed until it hits & by then it will be to late..I pray for you that you wake up & do the right thing. To all the residents of St Charles County Praying for you. Psalm 91

  51. Ehlmann has always put his businesses & business associates interest in front of St. Charles residents since 1999. This is no surprise to me that he thinks he knows what’s best. Maybe as a leader, he should do some research on CDC website.

  52. So sick and tired of everyone blaming the politicians for this. This politician is stupid proposing this order or that politician is stupid for not imposing that order. No one is forcing ANYONE TO GO OUT. If you want to stay home, stay home. It’s up to every individual person. If you don’t want to be around people who are contaminated, stay in your home it’s that simple.

    • Yeah a lot of people are going to starve cuz lot of them don’t have money or they don’t have a lot of food so how and then he’ll st-charles want to close down and then you going to have riots and break it in so the police officers have more to do so keep the business open so people to eat and keep their business lies and keep people going

  53. I tend to agree with you.people have to use common sense
    Medical steaff are not exzempt from work.they do need gas.on occasion,they do need to buy food,as ee all do.close it all down and how can they get to work?when you need supplies,how or whete would you get them?we all need to use common sense.if a business is open,you do not need to gl in it.stay home .wash your hands healthy.air your house out often.and eapecially,keep calm around your children.this is affecting them more than we realize.

  54. I agree, loaded parking lots at Menards, Lowe’s and Home Depot.

    The craziest lot was at Bass Pro, I’m a gun owner but I do t get this crap at all.

    We might as well open back up the dining and small businesses.

    Too bad Ehlmann will only be a one term Mayor! All so freaking sad.

  55. Ehlmann, you’re missing the boat, at least close Bass Pro and the Hardware Stores – parking lots are packed.

    Too bad Ehlmann will only serve one term!!!!

  56. All these village idiots suggesting we only quarantine those that are showing symptoms clearly have their head up their own assess and haven’t heard that this thing spreads from people exhibiting no symptoms.

    Also, you’ve heard only old or immunocompromised people will be affected. While they are more vulnerable than others, that does not make the others invulnerable.

    Guess what happens when you get a mild case of pneumonia and the hospitals are all at capacity. Here’s a hint, it’s worse then going out of business.

  57. Social isolation will not work. It would take 8 to 12 weeks of universal quarantine to actually put a dent in this now. its community acquired at this point. The world cannot and will not be effectively shut down for 3 months. Letting business stay open or closed is far beyond making a difference in the long run.

    People will begin to venture out as the number of cases decreases and it will cause an increase again. We will ride a rollercoaster of waxing and waning social regulation and evolving expert opinion.

    People will die, the economy will suffer, governments will make power plays. I know this sounds bleak but there are 7 billion of us consuming the earth to death… TO DEATH. it is unsustainable and this is not the first or last new illness that is a result of our evolution. This is the new reality.

    Corona virus will be as ubiquitous as the common cold in a couple of years and something new will pop up. Who’s still afraid of getting Ebola in 2020?? So 15,000 people have died from corona virus so far, that’s bad. About 65,000 people die of influenza each year and a majority of those deaths are the elderly and health compromised too. Perspective.

    So, old people get sick and die. Unhealthy people get sick and die. The population keeps growing and consuming and destroying. Sounds like humanity has a lot in common with this virus, doesn’t it?

    Humanity has evolved to a point that it can destroy anything. The next step in its evolution will be proving it can keep from destroying itself.

  58. I can’t help but consider the wisdom of closing almost everything down and funneling EVERYONE (infected or not) to the few “essential” locations allowed to stay open. Surely i have missed something? E.g. You can’t eat at a restaurant because its closed so you have to go to the grocery store where everyone else also has to go now too… welcome to coronaville!

  59. I am very surprised by the rude, condescending, personal attacks by such “good Christian people!” I hope you all do NOT kiss your Mom or kids with that mouth.

    GROW UP! If YOU feel the need to isolate yourself/family then do it and SHUT UP! You do NOT have the right to dictate nor demand the rest of the adults do what YOU want Hitler.

    I make the decision for myself personally, YOU do NOT! Everyone one of you condemning Mr. Ehlmann better make damn sure YOU do NOT have skeletons in your closet!

    Use the brain you were born with and make the best decision for YOU/your family, BUTT OUT of everyone else’s PERSONAL decision. Also those of you who DEMAND a complete shut down, you better NOT get online and expect anyone to give you money/food/help with bills because you didn’t save money for emergencies.

    • Personal choices is the American way. If folks have the resources to stay home and live and survive for the next few months, more power to them. Most of us, however, don’t have that ability. We don’t have savings, we have payments due, we don’t have a stockpile of food, we can’t ride it out for a few months. As far as trusting the government to bail us out, I don’t trust that. The corporate and wealthy interests will get bailout. Those of us at the bottom 98%, we are basically on our own. We have to survive on our own. Fact.

  60. I think St.Charles should follow city n county due to the massive interactions of the areas. He can also say his will be a week to week basis with tweaks like start maybe more lenient , then if gets worse add types of businesses to the list as his team sees fit. I think that would be a correct course of action and i would have a team like Trump not just him and business leaders, id have the st Charles hospital leaders and sherriff of county and chief in on the decisions as well as some of the big business like boing being on a skeloton crew or something.

  61. K ron the problem is uninvolved people will get it due to you sayibg ” oh do whatever you want” . Didnt you see the idiot spring breakers? Theyr too young to think right, your going to let them decide? Then they go and get all kinds of people dick because they wanta go to big parties n all like its New Years. You definitely did not think out your idea ” oh anybody can do whatever they want” ( 22 year old goes to work at a factory or goes to a party, gets it and doesnt know,goes to wallgreens, next to your mom or dad or uncle, an unneeded unkown sick case, gives it to your mom or dad, they get very VERY IL or worse, thats how your idiot idea can play out. Extra for no reason , extra cases.

  62. When you own a business and you have loans and you have car payment and a house where you going to do let them close and lose everything you home if you shut things down I know the stock markets like crap but look at this way when you have to do something to keep your business going and keep your loan cuz they ain’t going to pay some of these people in here just think just do a lockdown and then there goes our house Gone Car gone and more look at it I used to be a business owner I know it is but feel like going to lose everything I have

    • One thing many people do not realize is that when a small business owner closes the business, there is no unemployment. When the business closes for a small business owner, there is no income at all. If small businesses get obliterated, America is no longer the land of opportunity.

  63. I Need To Work Everyday That I Can Just To Try And Survive Normally. Unfortunately I Don’t Have Money Saved In The Bank Or Elsewhere. If I Can Not Work Then I Have No Way To Pay For Food Or Pay My Rent Or My Car Payment. I Don’t Want To Lose Everything.

  64. That Steven guy apparently has never been a convenient store before. The way they get their name is for convenience and they all carry bread, milk and eggs

  65. The 1st step in getting voted out of office! Does Elhmann not have any regard for the people who elected him? It’s like “thanks for support and electing me, but I’m not going to support you during this crisis. Maybe this virus find him, then he can think to himself, oh crap, maybe I should have put a stay at home act into effect. Once this is over, I need to move back into St. Louis County where my tax dollars pay the county executive who have his constituents best intrests in hand.

  66. Steve Ehlmann is a stupid politician I hope everyone remembers him not closing unessential businesses if Thompson has Coronavirus when you go to vote him out

  67. What an idiot . If he had an autoimmune disease he would have a completely different outlook. Rest assured I will not be voting for this idiot in the future.

  68. Taiwan only crushed the spread because they were PREPARED for a pandemic. They had stockpiles of medical equipment. They tested everyone to KNOW who was CONTAGIOUS and who was not. Then they enforced a strict quarantine so those infected could not spread the virus. America hasn’t a clue who is or isn’t contagious. To allow us to continue to move about freely is akin to signing people’s death warrants not to mention the permanent lung damage many who “recover” will have to deal with. They are letting us down and letting our loved ones die.

  69. It’s a poor decision not to follow with St Louis and St Louis County. If St Charles doesn’t do the same it’s just going to make this last much longer. It’s not rocket science. Just do what it recommended and close down unessential businesses.

  70. EconomyLocal and Federal will recover.People,Family and communities may not,You fool..This us so true Money is the root of all evil!.

  71. St Charles Ehlmann you are a complete
    Moron and need to think of the safety of people not your pocket. Or get the hell out of office. Stay hone order should be the first thing to do.

  72. St Louis just jumped to 55 cases over night and you don’t think St Charles needs to shut down? Have you not seen the news of spring breakers still going to the beach? You cannot trust the general public to take this seriously. Its not going to happen. Shut down now before we are forced to shut down for even longer periods of time because you let it get out of hand! You are endangering the people you’re supposed to be protecting and should feel ashamed.

  73. This is ridiculous that St Charles is not on lock down! I am a medic out here on the front lines and it’s going to get worse before it gets better! You can’t stop a world-wide pandemic if we have a shelter in place order. I understand folks need their jobs. Close the dining rooms and have carry out like everyone else is doing! If we’re not careful we’re going to end up like Italy!!
    Please be safe everyone and use common sense. Help thy neighbor and know your First Responders are here to keep everyone safe!

  74. I agree with Steve Ehlmann. An elected official mandating a business to close? Is that constitutional? Do we shut down the entire economy? Last I heard today, we have six cases of coronavirus in St. Charles County. There will be more, no doubt. Yes, we need to flatten the curve. I believe we are doing that. But to shut down everyone and everything is nuts. There are many people who cannot survive a scenario like that. As long as I am able to go to work, I am going.

  75. If people started using common sense instead of panicking like idiots, and bleeding stores dry, this would wrap itself up. Treat each symptom as they appear. This is a respiratory infection, not gastrointestinal. So STOP BEING STUPID WITH THE T.P. HOARDING. Grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations are very essential. Medications to treat flu/viral symptoms can cause diarrhea. Drinking plenty of water can too. Eat a banana or cheese both are quite binding. Get a grip and get a clue.

  76. What’s the point of writing the governor when he’s as misguided as Ehlmann is? Neither man will accept the responsibility that is their job. It’s always much easier to not have an opinion than to do the right thing. Politicians are voted in to represent their constituents and provide leadership and the state of Missouri is sadly lacking. I’m not in favor of giving any power to the government but SOMEONE needs to give our healthcare system a chance to get ahead of a pandemic. At this rate, all businesses in St. Charles can consider themselves “essential” because it’s essential to them to keep making money. Neither Parsons or Ehlmann give two cents about the good of ALL of their patrons – just the ones that keep lining their pockets.

  77. Steve Ehlmann is as idiot and doesn’t care about the citizens of this County..
    We can only hope the deaths of the people that died a horrible death torture him for the rest of his miserable life.

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