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Eagle Project donates blankets to SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital – Lake Saint Louis

Zachariah (far right) with employees in the Emergency Room at SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital - Lake Saint Louis

SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital – Lake Saint Louis was recently the lucky recipient of fleece blankets made by Zachariah Alrashdi. He chose to make the blankets as part of his Eagle Project.

Zachariah saved money from his summer job to pay for the materials. He then enlisted the help from family, friends and Pack 853 and 854 to help make the blankets. As his mom, Jennifer, described, “The packs are the Cub Scouts. He decided to teach the Cub Scouts how to do this while fulfilling his Eagle Scout.”

When asked why he chose SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital, the answer was simple. He decided on this project and chose this hospital because that is where his grandma spent a lot of her final moments. His grandma was always cold, but she became increasingly sensitive to heated blankets as she got sicker. One night, Zachariah saw his grandma struggling and asked his mom what he could do to help her. Jennifer recalls, “That night we went home. He had his old Spiderman blanket I made him years ago out of fleece. He said, ‘This isn’t heavy and it’s warm.’ The next night we went up [to the hospital] and he put it on her. She never complained all night and said it was so soft.”

In total, 15 people helped make Zachariah’s project a reality. The donation included 60 blankets – 18 sized for small infants and toddlers and 42 for adults. Because of Zachariah, many patients will be able to enjoy these cozy, colorful blankets.

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