District Officials, Teachers Frustrated by Changes to Common Core Testing

Dean's List

The Missouri State Legislature has voted to de-fund a testing program related to Common Core, a controversial set of learning standards that was adopted by the state in 2010, the Post-Dispatch reported.

The same bill that eliminated the funding to Smarter Balanced–one of two federally-mandated companies that developed and administered the Common Core tests–requires a new testing plan be developed for Missouri. According to an Education Week article, the state may purchase an “off-the-shelf assessment” in order to have something in place by next spring.

School districts are required by law to test their students’ progress each year. That leaves school districts in a quandary about which tests will be used and how teachers and students will prepare for them.

“Curriculum is written by school districts and approved by the local school board. It is the responsibility of the school district to ensure that the curriculum and materials are appropriate for the community and aligned to state standards,” said Dr. Jennifer Allen, Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment of the Wentzville School District.

“The frequent change to the standards is certainly frustrating for schools and teachers, but Wentzville will continue to provide curriculum that prepares students for the challenges of college and career readiness,” Allen said.

Fort Zumwalt School District administrators and officials had no comment at this time.