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Darrel Lackey Named Wentzville’s Citizen of the Year for 2014

At Wentzville’s Jan. 28 Board of Aldermen meeting, the City presented long-time Wentzville resident Darrel Lackey with the City’s 2014 Citizen of the Year award.

The award recognizes outstanding residents and business owners whose actions and accomplishments make life better for others.

Lackey was selected to receive this year’s award because of his dedication and commitment to the city and his tireless efforts to make it a better place to live and work. Lackey has demonstrated a strong commitment to enhancing and supporting the city’s historic downtown area and is passionate about the historic preservation of Wentzville.

Lackey has been a resident of Wentzville for almost 40 years and has served as an Alderman in Wards 2 and 3 and as Wentzville’s mayor from 1992-1996. Lackey continually takes time from his busy schedule to help the community grow and to support other Wentzville residents and businesses. Throughout the years, he has participated in various capacities with many different community organizations such as the Wentzville Township Committee, Knights of Columbus, The Wentzville Chamber of Commerce, the Wentzville Rotary Club, most recently served as the 2013 president of the Downtown Business Association.

Residents, Wentzville business owners and employees of Wentzville businesses were able to submit nominations for the Citizen of the Year Award to the Wentzville City Clerk’s Office last fall. The nominations were reviewed and the final selection was made by the Citizen of the Year Award Selection Committee.


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