Culver’s Founder Visits Wentzville to Welcome New Franchise Owners

Craig Culver, Jolene and Alan Buxman
Craig Culver welcomes new Wentzville Culver's owners Jolene and Alan Buxman.

The Wentzville Culver’s restaurant celebrated its new ownership with a ribbon-cutting ceremony–and a visit from the company’s founder and CEO, Craig Culver.

The Western St. Charles Chamber of Commerce met at Culver’s Thursday morning to welcome the new owners, Alan and Jolene Buxman.

Jolene Buxman said that she had worked for Culver’s for 10 years. “It’s in your veins,” she said. “The company matches our values. It’s about people, from the top down.”

Craig Culver agreed. “How you go about getting a good restaurant–or a good organization, or a good community, for that matter–it’s about the people. Nice people. People with good hearts.”

Culver talked about his roots in the restaurant industry and how his parents set an example that has become part of the Culver’s culture. “My mom was the queen of hospitality,” he said. “She set an example for us, the family, and also for our guests. They saw her working right alongside the team members.”

“A Butter Burger or a frozen custard tastes better when it’s served with a smile and a please and a thank-you,” Culver said.

Craig Culver

Culver said that he enjoyed his visit to Wentzville and was gratified to see the large number of business owners and city officials that gathered to welcome the new owners. “You have a cool town,” he said.

Culver’s visit is especially meaningful to the Wentzville franchise, since the Culver’s founder and CEO will retire in June. The company, which opened its first restaurant in Sauk City, Wisconsin in 1984, now has 541 locations in 22 states.