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City to vote on proposed site plan for new Wentzville high school

Site plan for new Wentzville high school

The Wentzville Board of Aldermen will be voting on a proposed site plan for a new Wentzville School District high school at the July 25 board of aldermen meeting.

The two-story building will sit on the northwest part of a 108-acre property at West Meyer Road and North Point Prairie Road. With more than 314,000 square feet of space, the high school is expected to hold 1,700 students initially, and eventually expand to hold as many as 2,100 students.

Plans are in the works for a football field, tennis courts, two baseball fields, a softball field, and a soccer field, but only the the football field will be lighted.

School buses will access the site from North Point Prairie Road, while student traffic will enter from West Meyer. The district is planning to construct turn lanes on both roads, but they are not planning to signalize those access points.

Proposed new Wentzville high school building


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