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City of Wentzville announces changes to recycling program: No glass or paper pickup

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The City of Wentzville announced Monday that the city’s recycling program will be undergoing major changes. Residents will no longer be able to include glass, paper, or cardboard in their curbside recyclables.

“The recycling industry has faced significant changes in 2018,” the city’s Facebook page reported. “China, which had been the world’s largest importer of recyclables, no longer accepts contaminated single-stream recyclable materials from the United States.”

In response to this change, Meridian Waste, the city’s trash hauler, will no longer accept single-stream recyclables curbside, beginning December 1.

Residents can still put aluminum, tin and steel cans, as well as clear or colored plastic labeled with numbers #1, #2, #3, #5 and #7 out for recycling. No #4, #6, or black plastics will be accepted.

Glass, paper, and corrugated cardboard must be dropped off for recycling. The city will supply a list of drop off sites before December 1, but until then residents are encouraged to use the St. Charles County facility, Recycle Works West, at 2110 East Pitman Avenue.

Both O’Fallon and Lake Saint Louis also recently announced changes to their recycling programs. O’Fallon is now sending recyclables including glass, metal, and most plastic containers to St. Peters. Lake Saint Louis will also be utilizing the St. Peters facilities, but they are not offering glass recycling. Residents of both O’Fallon and Lake Saint Louis should remember that all materials for recycling must be empty, clean, and dry before being placed in the cart or container.

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