Car Crashes into Golden Corral Dining Room in O’Fallon

Crash at Golden Corral

A car crashed into the dining room of the O’Fallon Golden Corral, 1302 Bramblett Road, just before noon on Sunday–but no serious injuries were reported.

One of the restaurant’s owners, Rena Hurst, was on the scene. “It’s a kind of a miracle,” she said. “There was a family sitting right there.”

Crash at Golden Corral

Bystanders reported hearing the engine rev as the small brown Nissan SUV jumped a curb and crashed into the restaurant’s “party room.” Police believe that the crash was an accident.

A restaurant staffer, who asked not to be identified, said that the crash “sounded like someone dropped a ton of pans. But it kept on going. . . people were screaming and crying.”

The employee said the driver of the Nissan was incoherent. “She was screaming that someone was trapped underneath the car, but we checked and everyone was okay.”

Police confirmed that were were no serious injuries. Hurst said that one person cut a finger on broken glass.

“The air bags didn’t even pop,” said a bystander.

Hurst said that barring any unknown structural damage, the restaurant could reopen as early as Monday.

Crash at Golden Corral