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BJC to increase minimum pay to $15/hour by fall 2021

(From a BJC press release)

BJC HealthCare has announced a plan to increase minimum hourly pay to $15 per hour in a three-step process that will begin Oct. 27, 2019, and take full effect in fall 2021.

“We’re making these changes to help our team members and their families better meet their financial needs,” said Rich Liekweg, BJC president and CEO. “BJC is an organization of people taking care of people, and it’s important that our 31,000 team members receive competitive pay and benefits.”

BJC’s current hourly minimum pay of $10.10 per hour will increase to $12.65 effective Oct. 27, 2019. It will increase to $14 in fall 2020 and reach $15 in fall 2021. More than 3,500 current employees will receive the initial increase.

“This change to raise our minimum hourly pay rate represents a significant financial investment that we hope will help us retain talented team members and further position us as an employer of choice to attract new team members to our organization,” added Liekweg.

Over the past four years, BJC has made significant ongoing investments in pay increases, beyond the annual salary planning process, to remain competitive as an employer while addressing staffing challenges in the current tight labor market. BJC also continues to review and adjust additional Total Rewards offerings to ensure BJC benefits meet team member needs and provide the greatest value to employees.

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