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Additional Ticket Booths Expected to Ease Traffic at St. Charles County Fair

St. Charles County Fair Ticket Booths

Expect some changes when you visit the St. Charles County Fair at Wentzville’s Rotary Park this year. A new plan for multiple walk-up admission gates is now in effect.

The County Fair Board has installed fencing around the Fair property within Rotary Park, adding several new admission gates. No longer will admission be taken at a single point on Lions Lane. Instead, cars will be able to enter and park, and tickets will be sold at the walk-up gates.

The new configuration should also reduce wait time and make the fairgoer’s experience more pleasant, the fair board said.

In past years, traffic that has backed up out onto West Meyer Road as fairgoers wait to pay admissions on busy night. The Fair Board hopes that eliminating the traffic congestion will make the area around the site much safer.

Additionally, the new plan allows Rotary Park to remain open to visitors during the fair season. Trails, pavilions, and the fishing lake will remain open and available for public use.

The fair kicks off on Tuesday, July 25 and runs through Saturday, July 29. Check out the full schedule on the Fair’s website, or look for daily schedules on 70 West Sentinel.


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