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Our Staff

Tamara Duncan, Publisher/Editor

Tammy Duncan is a 28-year resident of St. Charles County. She lives in the Josephville area with her husband Glenn. She has three grown children.

Duncan has worn many hats over the years: teacher, freelance writer and reporter, nonprofit manager. She was one of the original group of journalists who launched St. Louis-area news websites in 2010 as part of AOL’s Patch.com.

“It was a format that excited me and content that I valued, and the community embraced it. It was something I wanted to bring back to St. Charles County after Patch was sold and reorganized,” Duncan said. So after months of research, she launched 70 West Sentinel on October 12, 2014.  The site has experienced phenomenal growth, logging an average 47,000 unique monthly pageviews in 2017.

Duncan’s other interests are volunteering, animals, history and historical reenacting. She was one of the founders of the Living History Company, a 501(c)(3) company that supports and educates historical reenactors.

Contributing to 70 West Sentinel

We print as many press releases from community organizations as we can, but sometimes there are more than we can get to. We’ll post first the ones that are of general interest and benefit to our readers. Press releases can be sent to tammy@70westsentinel.com.

Opinion pieces and letters to the editor can also be sent to tammy@70westsentinel.com. They will, however, be edited for length, formatting, grammar and spelling – and for content if they contain profanity, name-calling and accusations, hurtful generalizations, racism or bigotry, or are potentially libelous. If a submission needs to be edited for content, we will notify the sender before publication and give the writer the chance to withdraw the submission.

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