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35 Fort Zumwalt graduates awarded Seal of Biliteracy

Fort Zumwalt School District

The Missouri Seal of Biliteracy (SoBL) and Distinguished Missouri Seal of Biliteracy are awarded to graduating high school students in districts with a program approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

These students have demonstrated achievement in English (as measured through coursework and standardized test scores), a language other than English (as measured through the STAMP4s or ACCESS tests), and sociocultural competence (as measured through an essay response to a prompt).

All Missouri students studying any of the world’s languages are potential Seal candidates. Congratulations to the following Fort Zumwalt students, who earned The Missouri Seal of Biliteracy (SoBL) and Distinguished Missouri Seal of Biliteracy.

East High

Haley Ritter
Bailey Cook

Kaitlyn Colaw
Ian Williams

Melissa Holland
Lydia Wenig
Trevor Andershock
Reese Jones – Distinguished
Suad Gharib
Shakhboz Hasanov
Elizabeth Elmendorf
Olivia Meyer

North High

German Sean
Deeken Mackenzie
Janes Jordan Brown

South High

Megan Johnson
Mackenzie Gan
Melissa Crozier

Ryan Kellar
Ella Wagner
Jackson Sefrit
Mia O’Brien
Sofia Popp
Maya Derhake
Clayton Roy

West High

Allison Coil

Anna Chen
Bennett Nelson

Seokju Son – Distinguished

Melanie Gill
Jack Gudmunson
Malia Johnson
Alexander Ostrem
Claire Pearl
Rachel Sengl

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