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Stacey Decker

Name: Stacey Decker
Age: 38
Education: Master’s Degree in HR Management
Occupation: Program Associate, Maryville University
Previous elected offices: N/A
Organizations/affiliations: STL Hero Homes
How long have you lived in O’Fallon? I have been an O’Fallon resident in Twin Chimneys Subdivision for 12 years.

If you are an incumbent, what have you done while in office that you feel provides the most benefit to the city of O’Fallon?
If you are challenging an incumbent, what qualifies you for the position more than the incumbent?

I previously served as a City Clerk for a small municipality in St. Charles County. The training that I received from the state and municipal levels have provided me with the necessary foundation to be a successful Councilwoman. I have a full understanding of the state statutes and importance of providing transparency and open communication with the residents that I represent.

What do you see as the single most important duty of a city councilman?

Transparency is the most important duty of a Councilperson. It is important that the Elected Officials honor their oath and provide open communication to the people that they serve. It is the duty of the Councilmembers to educate the residents about the decisions that are made that have a direct impact on their lives.

Which of the following municipal issues–business growth, residential growth, infrastructure, tax reductions, historic preservation, parks and recreation opportunities, safety, downtown redevelopment– do you feel it is important to address over the next five years? (Candidates were allowed to add their own.)
Public Safety
Economic Development
Greenspace Preservation

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