Sonya Shryock

Name: Sonya M. Shryock
Age: 42
Education: 2 yr. college, Real Estate and Appraisal School
Occupation: Former Real Estate Broker, Wife, Mother of 2 and your Alderman since 2012
Previous elected offices: Elected Ward 2 Alderman in 2012 and again in 2015
Organizations/affiliations: as Alderman, I attend many different organizational meetings and try to be an asset to the community as a whole.
How long have you lived in Wentzville? 7 yrs.

If you are an incumbent, what have you done while in office that you feel provides the most benefit to the city of Wentzville?
Reducing the Cities portion of property taxes from 0.7902 to 0.7518 while increasing city services and adding additional funding to our infactucture. I will continue to fight for reduced taxes, better roads and need for new roads to address our traffic concerns.

What do you see as the single most important duty of an alderman?
Being fiscally responsible with their tax dollars

Are you in favor of or against Wentzville adopting home rule? If in favor, what do you see as the biggest benefit of home rule?
I am in favor of adopting the home rule. It returns power to the people. A board elected by Wentzville citizens would write the charter, then the citizens would vote to approve it or not approve.

Which of the following municipal issues–business growth, residential growth, infrastructure, tax reductions, historic preservation, parks and recreation opportunities, home rule–do you feel it is important to address over the next five years? (Candidates were allowed to add their own.)

Tax Reductions, We have seniors on fixed incomes and young families who honestly need a break.

Infrastructure, we have been the fastest growing city in St. Charles county for over 4 yrs., growing smarter and responsible is crucial to our quality of life.

Recreational opportunities and Parks go together, I now have teenagers, what do they have to do besides play sports and school activities? Luckily we now have a movie theater. From our teenagers to our seniors, quality of life is vital.

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