(Candidate profile courtesy of Wentzville School District.)

I have been a Wentzville School District resident since 1977.

I have 2 Children, 7 grandchildren & 2 great grandchildren

My 2 adult children attended HOLT. I currently have ONE granddaughter in Timberland High School and a great grandson in “Heritage Elementary” as a first year kindergartner.

Saundra "Sandy" Garber

I am a Licensed Realtor with United Select Properties…A realtor that has helped to share the “Wentzville Dream”, moving families to this wonderful & ever growing school district & community since 1998.

As you read thru my BIO, I hope that you will take the time to read ALL of the informative links that I have provided. You MUST BE AN INFORMED VOTER!

I previously served on the Wentzville School Board from 2012 until the end of my 3

year term in April of 2015, being Secretary of the Board for my last 2 years. I ran

again in 2015 for my “seat at the table of the Board” not just for myself, but for ALL

OF THE WENTZVILLE School District STAKEHOLDERS! I was met with very

STRONG OPPOSITION from the LEADERSHIP of the NEA that year and met even

greater “opposition” in 2016…….read about the support for a CONVICTED FELON

from the Leadership of the NEA in 2015 here….

http://showmeinstitute.org/blog/local-government/election-convicted-felon-wentzville-school- board-should-sound-alarm

CURRENTLY, ALL BUT ONE BOARD MEMBER IS/ WAS SUPPORTED BY THE LEADERSHIP OF THE NEA TO GAIN A SEAT ON THE “PEOPLES SCHOOL BOARD”… My belief is that SCHOOL BOARDS everywhere in America MUST have people elected to serve on them that have NO SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS, such as the NEA & other unions / or groups

supported by & WITHIN the SCHOOL DISTRICTS, financially supporting their campaigns! This is a clear & OBVIOUS “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” to YOU, the taxpayers!

Organizations: Republican Central Committeewoman since 2010, Vice Chair in
2012- 2014, Secretary for 2014-2016 for Lake St. Louis Township. Re-elected in 2016 for the term that ends in August of 2018.

Member of the Lewis & Clark Pachyderms since 2014.
Former member of the Lake St. Louis Community Association Architectural Control Committee Former member of the St. Charles Business Network International (BNI)

I was honored by the voters of the Wentzville School District in 2012 to be elected to serve this community on this very important & relevant Board. I am committed to representing the best interests of All Wentzville School District stakeholders…the young, the old and everyone in between….the teachers, administration, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters…and our most valuable asset of all, the future leaders of our great nation… OUR CHILDREN.

My campaign pledge in 2012 was the following, and it is still true today!

“To add my CONSERVATIVE VOICE & ACTION PLAN, on behalf of the students & the taxpayers of the Wentzville School District, to those CONSERVATIVE VOICES & ACTION PLANS that may currently exist on the School Board. To stand firm for FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY & the moral STEWARDSHIP of the Taxpayer’s dollars in the proper perspective while insuring a continued effort to improve the academic levels of achievement for ALL students.”

After 3 years serving on our Board, I now have a voting record that I’m very proud of and one that validates my conservative principles & values that I ran on in 2012. I have voted FOR YOU with every vote I have cast, even when I have STOOD ALONE. We have all seen the world around us changing quickly and dramatically over the last several years. I have cast my votes for YOU, OUR CHILDREN, THE FUTURE LEADERS OF AMERICA!

On Friday, January 23rd of 2015, the Francis Howell School District announced their $22 Million Dollar deficit budget & RISING that forced a cut back of 80 people…half of them being Teachers. I cast the FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE hard votes needed to keep our school taxes and expenses down as we continued to experience the downturn in our over all economy to avoid this very same situation in our district. http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/education/francis-howell-district-votes-to-cut- staff-to-deal-with/article_57aa7298-c912-5ec4-9534-5b29736e0283.html …

By the 2015 year end, I was told by a current school board member that Francis Howell was closer to

$30 MILLION in deficit spending!! Their ballot in April & November of 2014 AND 2015 asked voters to approve a $0.90-.95 cent TAX LEVY INCREASE to offset this lack of fiscal responsibility. This increase DID NOT PASS & was back on the ballot in 2016!…but was dramatically decreased! and here’s the latest….. http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/education/more-budget-cuts-coming-to-francis-howell- schools/article_446c4eb7-d3ca-564d-a4ef-14f3c8f2511b.html

This cannot happen in our community…I KNOW that I will continue to scrutinize the budget & impose my Conservative Fiscally responsible values on to the Wentzville School District!

In April of 2013, I cast the ONLY “NO” vote for the implementation of COMMON CORE in our district. In 2014, I was joined by another board member & cast another “NO” vote for the APPROVAL of the curriculum of COMMON CORE for the 2014-2015 school year. I opposed COMMON CORE then and I still do TODAY for our district! The State Legislation & Governor Nixon passed House Bill #1490 in the summer of 2014 that supported MY position. I know that LOCAL CONTROL of our School Boards in Missouri is the answer to the higher levels of education that we all want for our children. I have consistently voted for NO GOVERNMENT takeover of our children’s education or the additional expense to the taxpayers for Common Core… the cost to the Missouri citizens was in the MILLIONS. Under President Trump & now Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, COMMON CORE or any program that RESEMBLES IT (which Missouri now calls it “MISSOURI LEARNING STANDARDS”) will be completely removed from our state (nations) schools….EDUCATION to be returned to the STATES LOCAL SCHOOL BOARDS!…Read here: http://nypost.com/2016/12/11/trumps-education-secretary-pick-plans-to-get-rid-of-common-core- standards/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=mattkibbe

BUT IS THIS WHAT HAPPENED IN MISSOURI as Common Core was REVISED???? A must read! https://truthinamericaneducation.com/common-core-state-standards/states-that-revise-common- core-dont-revise-much/

I am also concerned & opposed to the expansion of the “data mining” of our children, results that would/ could possibly be shared with unknown 3rd parties. READ HERE for further information that will SHOCK YOU!… http://www.offthegridnews.com/privacy/how-public-schools-are-invading- your-childs-privacy-with-data-mining/

and here’s another link that should be of great interest & concern to everyone!!!

http://missourieducationwatchdog.com/karma-student-pii-data-mining-concerns-coming-home- to-roost-for-dept-of-ed-bureaucrats/

In 2014, the company that provided the COMMON CORE testing materials, etc. for all Missouri School Districts, named the “Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium”, referred to as ‘SBAC” LOST The Missouri Supreme Court lawsuit brought by education watch dog groups of PARENTS. SBAC was deemed “ILLEGAL & UNCONSTITUTIONAL” ….a great win for parents & students in every school district! In 2015, however, due to this court decision, students could OPT OUT of the year end testing as they didn’t really count! Most parents did not know this.

I have also cast my votes to support contracts / purchases from local businesses in our district when their services and products are needed. The small businesses in our district, as well as communities all over our great nation, are the real Job Creators. Supporting the “business” in our own district supports our entire community…our schools, fire & ambulance districts and much more. BUY LOCAL when you can!

I asked the tough questions of our Superintendent and Administration to fully understand the operations of our 2013-2015 $165 Million Dollar budget….that is NOW A WHOPPING $200 MILLION DOLLARS PLUS (& in all likelihood RISING) ! As the “Board” has the final decision regarding large expenditures, I had repeatedly highlighted the requirements that I felt absolutely necessary in order to make an informed decision for all competing bids for products & services, making sure that your tax dollars were awarded to fully compliant contractors employing E-Verified personnel. As a result, the Administration streamlined a format for “bids” presented to the Board initially from the requesting department(s) that met these requirements.

I have listened to “concerned parents” when issues have arisen and have encouraged them to address the Board at the monthly meeting(s) to share their experience for a positive successful result for all.

As a Realtor Board member, I had offered my opinions on various real estate matters. To insure my commitment to full transparency, I DID NOT “represent” the district in any real estate transactions. I have insisted that all future land / property buys must have an appraisal and utilize the expertise of qualified licensed personnel in the transaction working in the best interest of the taxpayers. While I was on the Board, WSD signed an agreement with a Missouri licensed realtor to act as a “Buyer’s Agent” on behalf of the district.

The district has faced continual growth over the last three decades. A recent demographic study reflected that the district of approximately 14,700 students in 2015 would reach a whopping 20,000 over the next decade. The “Board” is challenged with the growth that is accompanied by increased costs. I am committed to offering ideas & solutions that will allow us to live & grow within our resources while NOT compromising the quality of education for our students. The“What is” rather than the “What If” rule of finance management.

My career employment, ethics standards & life’s experiences combined with my community involvement have prepared me to meet the many challenges in our District! I am constitutionally disciplined, am NOT supported by any “special interest groups” (nor do I want it) and have worked

very hard to be the GOOD STEWARD of your hard earned tax dollars that YOU and our community deserve. My actions while serving on the board for a 3 year term spoke louder than any of my words as there were NO tax increases while I served.

I am asking for your vote on April 4th and would be extremely honored to serve another term on the Wentzville School Board to represent YOU & OUR CHILDREN! If I can answer any questions or

concerns that you may have, please contact me via e-mail, sandygarber@charter.net , text

message or a phone call to 314.249.7370…please leave a message if I am unable to answer your call. I will get back to you as soon as possible.