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Michael Mike Carter

Name: Michael “Mike” E. Carter
Age: 45
Education: Doctorate – Mizzou – Law; Masters – Mizzou – Journalism; Bachelors – UMSL – Poli. Sci.
Occupation: Judge, Lawyer, General Counsel
Previous elected offices: 4 Years Wentzville Judge, 3 Years Director STL REALTORS
Organizations/affiliations: NAR, ABA, Missouri Bar, Federal Eastern District
How long have you lived in Wentzville? Wentzville Judge 4 Years; Live in O’Fallon

If you are an incumbent, what have you done while in office that you feel provides the most benefit to the city of Wentzville?

Boring But Important. The State legislature enacted sweeping municipal court changes throughout the state. We have developed the systems to make sure Wentzville is in full compliance. This has been no small task. Each case must be weighed, measured, decided impartially and fairly. Come visit the court any time you wish.

What do you see as the single most important duty of municipal judge?

Fully Engaged. Hearing folks out completely often provides people the best sense of fairness. While a court must be efficient; every single person must have time to present their case. Too many municipal courts in this state have a cattle-call perception in Missouri. Wentzville’s court is not a cash register of revenue for the city. When there is crime, there must be punishment.

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