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Matt Swanson

Name: Matt Swanson
Age: 42

  • Graduate of Northwest Missouri State University – Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Middle School/Jr. High School Education
  • Graduate of Lindenwood University – Masters of Arts in Educational Administration

Occupation: Teacher – 5th Grade – Fort Zumwalt School District
Previous elected offices: Alderman Ward 3 – Wentzville, Missouri

  • Wentzville Historical Society – Executive Officer
  • Wentzville Main Street Association – Member
  • Boy Scout Troop 984 – Executive officer
  • Sons of the American Revolution – Fernando de Leyba Chapter – Member
  • Immanuel Lutheran Church
  • National Education Association

How long have you lived in Wentzville? 11 years in Wentzville

If you are an incumbent, what have you done while in office that you feel provides the most benefit to the city of Wentzville?
For the past two years, I have listened to the residents of Wentzville. Every vote that I have made was to help the residents and improve Wentzville. One of my most proud votes was to approve the funding for Jake’s Field of Dreams. This all-inclusive playground that will be built at Heartland Park. It will allow children and adults of all abilities to interact together. I also fought against tax payer funded health insurance for part time elected officials. I believe that if part time elected officials have health insurance, then part time employees should have the same benefits. In addition, I fought against pay raises for elected officials. I will always fight for you. I have been your voice and I will continue to be your voice with your vote on April 4th.

What do you see as the single most important duty of an alderman?
The most important duty of an alderman is to be available and keep the residents informed. You must be able to listen to their concerns and help them resolve their problems that they are experiencing. By being an active member of our community and being involved in numerous organizations, I have the opportunity to talk to residents and visit with them on a regular basis. This allows me to listen to their concerns and help the residents.

I will continue to post video updates after every aldermanic meeting. This allows the residents to voice their concerns to me immediately. As your alderman, I will continue to represent you and keep you informed.

Are you in favor of or against Wentzville adopting home rule?
When talking to the residents, most do not understand the reason why we would switch to this form of government. I believe that we need to inform the public more and explain the reasons why this is good for our city and the possible negative outcomes of being a “Home Rule” city.
As of right now, I have not heard the residents voice their opinion in favor of this change.   I do believe that in the future, we need to move towards this designation. As a “Home Rule” city, we the residents of Wentzville, will be able to control our City without the restrictions that are currently placed upon us by the State of Missouri as a “Fourth Class City.”

Which of the following municipal issues–business growth, residential growth, infrastructure, tax reductions, historic preservation, parks and recreation opportunities, home rule–do you feel it is important to address over the next five years? (Candidates were given the opportunity to add their own.)

Infrastructure is the number one issue. One of my greatest concerns is the safety of our roads. My family lives off of Highway 61. We have seen too many accidents. I will continue to push for all the safety measures that are possible. We also need to focus on widening and improving many of our secondary roads. This will be a priority.

Fiscal responsibility needs to be a priority on all levels. I will be the one who will ask questions that will make our city stronger. I have voted against taxpayer funded insurance for elected officials and voted against pay increases for elected officials. The reason why I did this is simple, these are your tax dollars and they should not be spent on elected officials. The money should be spent to improve our city, not improve the lives of the elected. This is why, my wife and I have donate my alderman pay, for the last two years, to non-profits in the area.

I believe that downtown Wentzville has tremendous potential. I want to see a downtown that has unique restaurants, shops, and is accessible to everyone. I will continue to strive to bring family friendly events to our historic district. Investing in downtown is a win for everyone!

Wentzville is a very unique city. We are the “Crossroads of the Nation.” We need to honor our past, while looking to the future of our great city. With my leadership, I will make sure the City of Wentzville is a place where we can all call home.
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