Name: Bryan Harr
Age: 39
BA in Criminology
AS in Criminal Justice
Missouri Peace Officer Standards and Training Certification
Tennessee Peace Officer Standards and Training Certification
Occupation: Police Officer
Previous elected offices: None
Organizations/affiliations: Wentzville Main Street Association
How long have you lived in Wentzville? 7 years

If you are challenging an incumbent, what qualifies you for the position more than the incumbent?
I would bring a fresh perspective to the board with community engagement as my focus. It’s important to me that Wentzville doesn’t fall behind in areas such as infrastructure that supports our growth, quality parks and green space, revitalizing downtown, and providing top-notch senior services. I will support moving community improvements and initiatives forward in a timely manner.

What do you see as the single most important duty of an alderman?
The most important duty of an Alderman is to make well-thought out and informed decisions by fully understanding the concerns of the citizens you represent. I will strive to make community engagement a priority for the entire time that I am in office. It is important that residents feel their voices are heard and that their elected officials are easily accessible to them.

Are you in favor of or against Wentzville adopting home rule?
Home Rule (Charter form of Government) is a citizen driven initiative. A benefit of Home Rule is that it puts more control of local government in the citizens’ hands and lessens the influence of the state. The key to knowing if Home Rule is right for Wentzville will lie in the education of our citizens. It is an involved process that takes time and can be costly. I would support putting out more educational information through the city newsletter, website, and social media to engage the citizens. Through that process, we will know if Home Rule is right for our city.

Which of the following municipal issues–business growth, residential growth, infrastructure, tax reductions, historic preservation, parks and recreation opportunities, home rule–do you feel it is important to address over the next five years? (Candidates were allowed to add their own.):

Citizens trust elected officials will be good stewards of their taxes. I value fiscal responsibility and putting money in places that will better our community.
*Business growth and Historic Preservation (Downtown Revitalization)
*Parks and Recreation Opportunities

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