Brittany Gillett

Name: Brittany Gillett

Age: 29

Education: BS Business Adminstration LU, Working on MPA LU

Occupation: Treatment Coordinator

Previous elected offices: N/A

Organizations/affiliations: Volunteer at Crisis Nursery Wentzville

How long have you lived in Wentzville? We lived in Wentzville for 3 years and moved away for about 18 months before returning a year ago.

If you are challenging an incumbent, what qualifies you for the position more than the incumbent?
While I respect the work that Ms. Shryock has done and the time she has put in, I do not feel as though all of her votes were in the best interest of Wentzville Citizens. As your Alderman I promise to use my business experience and education in public administration to move our city forward and make better use of our tax dollars.

What do you see as the single most important duty of an alderman?
Public service; being out in the Ward, listening to our residents, and working with other Alderman to overcome our many challenges.

Are you in favor of or against Wentzville adopting home rule? If against, what do you see as the biggest problem with home rule?
At this time I would be against adopting home rule for Wentzville simply due to the complexity and expense of the process. I’m not convinced that the support from the community is there on this issue and Wentzville has so many other concerns (downtown, traffic, parks, public safety, etc.) that really need our immediate attention.

Which of the following municipal issues–business growth, residential growth, infrastructure, tax reductions, historic preservation, parks and recreation opportunities, home rule–do you feel it is important to address over the next five years? (Candidates may add their own choice of issue)
Infrastructure/traffic control
Historic Preservation/Downtown Wentzville
Public Safety

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