Bob Howell

Name: Bob Howell
Age: 54
Education: Vocational Education Certification
Occupation: Construction-Project Management, Vocational Instructor, and HVAC Construction Technician.
Previous elected offices: President of the Bryan Valley Homeowners Association (1998-present), O’Fallon City Councilman (2009-present), elected President Pro Tem by fellow Council members (2012), and most recently elected as an executive board member of the St. Charles County Municipal League in 2016.
Organizations/affiliations: Previously served as the council’s liaison to the Senior Advisory Committee, Veterans Commission, Planning and Zoning Commission, Parks and Recreation Board, Convention and Visitors Bureau, and currently serving on the city’s Public Works Advisory Committee.
How long have you lived in O’Fallon? 20 years

If you are an incumbent, what have you done while in office that you feel provides the most benefit to the city of O’Fallon?
If you are challenging an incumbent, what qualifies you for the position more than the incumbent?
With my previous and current elected offices, this experience has helped me to understand the problems we face, the needs of our community, and the goals we must achieve. O’Fallon leadership has become stagnant, complacent, and indifferent. This happens when an administration stays in power too long, loses focus, and puts their own interests above the interests of their constituents.

What do you see as the single most important duty of a mayor?
To be a good leader you must not only tackle the issues at hand, but you must also be thinking about your city’s future. O’Fallon needs a leader who will look out for the interests of the residents, tackle our continuous problems, and work towards a strong and stable community. The single most important duty of a mayor is to ensure responsible development and smart growth, always keeping the residents best interests and needs in mind.

Which of the following municipal issues–business growth, residential growth, infrastructure, tax reductions, historic preservation, parks and recreation opportunities, safety, downtown redevelopment–do you feel it is important to address over the next five years? (Candidate were allowed to add their own.)
From the list given above, I believe the most important topics to address over the next five years are: Safety, which is always the number one concern for any community in which we live. Infrastructure improvements by eliminating waste in city government and using those much needed financial resources for the overdue infrastructure improvements that are much needed in many areas of the city. Lastly, although downtown redevelopment is important, any responsible developmental project is just as important. Our city is in need of a major developmental project that will not only invite our residents, but also draw residents from the outlying areas of the county into our city. This additional outside revenue would add a much needed boost to the city coffers in order to ensure the public service we provide for our residents currently, and for years to come.

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